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Ben, Evan, and road companion Brennan head out to Skull Island to see KONG!!!

And it’s a ROAD TRIP!!!

This one’s a REAL road trip, featuring:

  • Filling up at the gas station!
  • Food stops!
  • Road side attractions!
  • And, of course, the MAIN EVENT!


The episode has four parts:

  1. Spoiler free discussion on the way to the theater
  2. Spoiler free reactions after the movie
  3. Spoiler FILLED discussion (with adequate warning from the spoiler organ!)
  4. Post credit discussion about Evan’s trip to Metropolis, IL


Here’s our “road side” photo op:

Here’s the size comparison chart for the different King Kongs:

And here’s some pictures from Evan’s trip to Metropolis:


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Ben Avery is a storyteller. He uses comic books, podcasts, puppets or whatever else he can get his hands on to tell those stories.

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