EPISODE 6 – “Star Wars Part 2: The Original Trilogy”

Well, the sci-fi guys are back with the conclusion of their conversation about Star Wars, this time turning their attention on the movies that started it all . . . and ended it all!

if you haven’t listened to the first part of this conversation, you can download part 1 of the Strangers and Aliens Star Wars conversation from iTunes (it’s episode 5) or download it and listen to it here on the website as well.

We’ve appreciated all the responses to out last episode, but because we recorded both parts at the same time we weren’t able to answer responses to part 1 in our part 2 podcast, but we’ll answer as much of it as possible in our next episode. But please, let us know what you think about the original trilogy and what you think about the sci-fi guys thoughts as well. We’ve enjoyed getting your feedback!

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~ Ben

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