Message Boards

Fans for Christ — The name of the site says it all, doesn’t it? is the website for a loose-knit group of fans who have a presence at conventions. The website features reviews as well. But what we’re linking to is their message board. It’s a fun, vibrant message board, with some good conversations about sci-fi, fantasy, comics, cosplay, and gaming and Christianity.

SpiritBlade Underground —  SpiritBlade Productions is an audio-drama/podast/blog centering around SpiritBlade, a sci-fi/fantasy/action-adventure audio drama. The podcast is hosted by the creator of SpiritBlade, Paeter Frandsen, and reviews various geek-things and also contains a Bible study. The message board is focuses on those things as well, and has some good geekery and Christianity conversations going on.

Have another message board that focuses on both Christianity and geek topics? Tell us about it using our contact form. We don’t usually do link exchanges, we tend to just link to things we like, but we’re willing to check out what you suggest! Thanks!


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