Episode 1: “Why Sci-Fi?” — The sci-fi guys discuss what they love about the sci-fi genre.
Episode 2: “What if you could go back … to the FUTURE?” — The sci-fi guys talk time travel.
Episode 3: “The Best (and Worst) Christmas Stories” — Ben and Dr. Jayce talk Christmas movies.
Episode 4: “There and Back Again — Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit” — Steve and Ben talk The Hobbit movie trailer and Tolkien.
Episode 5: “Star Wars Part 1: The Prequel Trilogy” — The sci-fi guys are reunited to talk Lucas’ prequel movies.
Episode 6: “Star Wars Part 2: The Original Trilogy” — The conclusion of the sci-fi guys Star Wars conversation.
Episode 7: “Sci-Fi Vs. Fantasy” — Th sci-fi guys tackle what the different genres are capable of.
Episode 8: “Big Mike Vs. the Podcast” –Dr. Jayce and Ben’s interview with Chuck’s Mark Christopher Lawrence.
Episode 9: “Sci-Fi TV: Cancelled too Soon” — A conversation about beloved TV shows cancelled before their prime.
Episode 10: “Strangers and Alienation – Interview with Jon S. Lewis” — An interview with sci-fi author and comic book writer Jon S. Lewis.
Episode 11: “Zombies!” — The Walking Dead sparks this discussion about the zombie sub-genre.
Episode 12: “John Carter of Mars” — Ben and Steve discuss their thoughts on watching Disney’s “flop” of an epic sci-fi adventure.
Episode 13: “Marvel Movies vs. DC Movies” — Which comic book company has the best movies? The sci-fi guys pit Marvel vs. DC and the winner is?
Episode 14: “The Hunger Games” — The strangers and aliens play along with The Hunger Games, diving into the influences, themes, controversy, and popularity of the book and movie.
Episode 15: “Captain Kirk vs. Captain Picard — Round 1” — The strangers and aliens argue over the age old question: which captain is the best captain? But really, it’s an excuse to talk about the things they love about that giant of sci-fi: Star Trek.
Episode 16: “Captain Kirk vs. Captain Picard — Round 2” — Part two of the above.
Episode 17: “Avengers . . . Finally Assembled!” — . . . and the sci-fi guys were there to see it. Along with just about every other moviegoer last weekend!
Episode 18: “Once Upon a Grimm Time” — Fairy tales are the subject, as the three Strangers and Aliens discuss fairy tales and their modern iterations.
Episode 19: “Some Days You Just Can’t Get Rid of a Bomb: Batman Movie Retrospective” — Batman on the silver screen, from Adam West to Christopher Nolan.
Episode 20: “Amazing Spider-Man . . . Or Not?” — Ben and Steve react to the newest Spider-Man film.
Episode 21: “Interview W/ Paul Asay, Author of God on the Streets of Gotham” — Paul Asay joins Ben in a conversation about Batman and the spiritual lessons that can be learned from the character.
Episode 22: “The Dark Knight of the Soul:” — It’s finally here! The Dark Knight Rises in theaters . . . but does it rise to the top of the franchise?
Episode 23: “Sci-Fi Rip Offs” — Steve, Ben, and Dr. Jayce list their favorite rip offs from science fiction and fantasy! Also, who would start a feud with the Strangers and Aliens?
Episode 24: “Where Are the Christian Sci-Fi Movies?” — Dr. Jayce and Ben are joined by listeners Roland Mann and Gary Voelker, who also happened to be fellow faculty at the Gideon Film Festival and Media Arts Conference, tackling the lack of Christian sci-fi films.
Episode 25: “Great Pre-Star Wars Sci-Fi Movies” — The Strangers and Aliens dive back in time and reflect on their favorite movies from before Star Wars changed everything!
Episode 26: “Doctor Who” — Featuring two special guests! Ben and Steve, are joined by Christa, Steve’s wife and long time Who Fan, and Tom Holste, to talk about everyone’s favorite Time Traveler!
Episode 27: “The Booth at the End” — Ben reviews the Booth at the End, a thought provoking, dramatic speculative fiction series on Hulu.com
Episode 28: “Doctor Who Revisited” — The first half of this episode is a spoiler-free discussion between Ben & Steve and Dr. Jayce, as Dr. Jayce puts on his teacher hat and grades his co-hosts on their performance in our previous Doctor Who episode (episode 26). The second half of the episode is spoiler filled! Chock full of spoilers! Tom and Christa rejoin Ben and Steve in a new discussion!
Episode 29: “The Justice League: Past, Present, and Future” — The Sci-Fi Guys are back, talking about the Justice League, Superman, the Sci-Fi Christian Feud, podcast awards, and the Super Fantastic Facebook Fan Contest of Awesome!
Episode 30: “Paeter Franssen of Spirit Blade Productions” — This episode is a special episode — an interview with the “granddaddy of Christian sci-fi podcasting” and the producer of Christian sci-fi stories, Paeter Frandsen.
Episode 31: “Gluttony” (Part One of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS Series) — In this episode, we explore gluttony and its accompanying virtue temperance in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, while also talking about it from a scriptural and personal point of view.
Episode 32: “Disney’s Star Wars Initial Reaction” — Ben and Steve react to the news about Disney aquiring Lucasfilm and the promise of a new Star Wars movie in 2015.
Episode 33: “The Ending We Wanted” — In something of a sequel to our episode about sci-fi TV shows that were cancelled too soon — called, coincidentally, Sci-Fi TV: Cancelled Too Soon — we bring you an episode in which we dream a little bit about how we wish some of those cancelled series would have ended.
Episode 34: “Gideon Festival Comic Book Writer and Artist Contest Winners” — Ben interviews some of the winners of the titular Contest.
Episode 35: “It’s Our Birthday!” — We celebrate the podcast’s first birthday!
Episode 36: “Favorite Sci-Fi Characters” — Steve, Dr. Jayce, and Ben return with a list of their favorite five science fiction characters! Some may surprise you…
Episode 37: “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Reboots!” — Ben and Steve tackle REBOOTS! Are reboots evil, necessary evil, or necessary?
Episode 38: “December Doomsday!!! (Interview)” — Steve interviews Geoff Holding, the mastermind behind the website End of the World 2012?
Episode 39: “The Hobbit: an Unexpected Movie” — Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce have seen The Hobbit… but do they think YOU should?
Episode 40: “The Science (Fiction) of Christmas Fantasy” — Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce tackle some of the big questions of Christmas.
Episode 41: “Looking Ahead to 2013” — In this episode we look ahead to 2013, the “Year of CS Lewis” for Strangers and Aliens
Episode 42: “Riding on Star Wars’ Coattails” — Ben and Steve talk about some of the great and horrible movies and television shows that Star Wars inspired because it made so much money.
Episode 43: “Sloth” (Part Two of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS Series)” — We explore sloth and its accompanying virtue diligence in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, while also talking about it from a scriptural and personal point of view.
Episode 44: “Star Wars . . . a Bad Robot Production!” — So it’s all over the internet… And it’s here, too! J.J. Abrams is taking the helm to the OTHER big sci-fi franchise… Star Wars!
Episode 45: “Interview with the Makers of the Sci-Fi Feature Film Remember” — Remember is a independent sci-fi feature film with big ideas and a micro budget.
Episode 46: “The Wonderful World of Disney (Animation Only)” — We have fun reminiscing and dissecting our favorite (and least favorite) Disney movies! We are also joined by special guest Daniel Butcher!
Episode 47: “Into the Silent Planet (an introduction to C.S. Lewis’ “science fantasy” novel)” — Steve and Ben explore Malacandra — the destination of C.S. Lewis’ protagonist Ransom in his science fiction(-ish) novel Out of the Silent Planet!
Episode 48: “Star Wars vs. Star Trek (or The Great Bird vs. the Great Beard!)” — In this episode we settle, once and for all, which franchise is better… Star Wars or Star Trek!
Episode 49: “The Three Laws of Robotics” — Join the Sci-Fi Guys as they explore the ramifications, weaknesses, and philosophy behind Asimov’s lows of morality for artificial intelligence.
Episode 50: “Interview with Some Strangers” — Ben and Steve interview Dr. Jayce, Dr. Jayce and Ben interview Steve, and Steve and Dr. Jayce interview Ben… then all three interview Shazbot, who opens up a little about his past and his family.
Episode 51: “Interview with Writer/Director Ryan Dunlap” — This episode is an interview with Ryan Dunlap, who is, among other things, a writer, director, editor, actor, producer.
Episode 52: “Strangers, Aliens, and Theology” —  The guys tackle some of the biggest questions in faith-based geekdom: is there life on other planets?
Episode 53: “Will this Justice League Movie FINALLY Get Made?” — In this episode, we talk about the huge news that Christopher Nolan may be taking the reigns of the DC Comics superhero movie franchise.
Episode 54: “Read the Book, Don’t Wait for the Movie” — A celebration and deconstruction of adaptation! Hosts Ben Avery, Dr. Jayce O’Neal, and Stephen MacDonald take a look at some of the best and worst translations of book to movie, from Lord of the Rings to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!
Episode 55: “Wrath” (Part Three of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS Series)” — In this episode: Muppets! Bad Shatner impressions! The Bozo Show! Comic book characters! Trek! Wars! Justice, vengeance, grace, love, righteous indignation… and the guys figure out in real time, before your very eyes… or ears what the opposite virtue might be!
Episode 56: “Listener Feedback and a Request” — For this episode, listener feedback!
Episode 57: “Westerns — the Original American Fantasy Genre” — We talk about Westerns — a genre that we believe should be filed under “fantasy” when talking about all the other speculative fiction genres.
Episode 58: “Interview with Flight of the Angels authors Aaron and Allan Reini” — Ben interviews Allan and Aaron Reini, the father/son writing team behind the Christian sci-fi book Flight of the Angels.
Episode 59: “Sci-Fi Sitcoms” — Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce look back on some of their favorite science fiction situation comedies in this episode. Alf, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Mork and Mindy, Red Dwarf… and many, many more.
Episode 60: “Interview with Heath McNease (The Year of C.S. Lewis)” — Heath McNease, a geek philosopher hip-hop/folk musician, sat down to talk with Ben and Steve about C.S. Lewis, being an artists and a Christian, being a musician in today’s economy and with today’s technology, and some geek-stuff, too!
Episode 61: “Aliens and Strangers Part I: Alien Agenda” — The Strangers & Aliens and The Sci-Fi Christians have joined forces to take on the Aliens!
Episode 62: “The Test of Time” — In this episode, Steve, Dr. Jayce, and Ben have a LOT of fun as they revisit movies, comics, and TV shows they loved when they were young and explore whether or not it stands the test of time.
Episode 63: “Lots o’ Listener Feedback (and a Special Guest)” — In this episode, we talk a bit about the recent Star Wars schedule announcement, some listeners take a look back some of their childhood favorites and look at if they hold up or not.
Episode 64: “Director’s Special Edition: Steven Spielberg” — For this episode, we start a series that will take a look at directors of speculative fiction movies, and what better place to start than Steven Spielberg?
Episode 65: “IRON MAN 3 (Summer Movie Series)” — Dr. Jayce, Ben, and Steve start off the summer movie season with the first in their Summer Movie Series: Iron Man Three!!!
Episode 66: “The Silver Chair and the Red & Blue Pills” — Steve, Dr. Jayce, and Ben discuss The Silver Chair and its famous confrontation between the witch queen and Puddleglum, and the sci-fi and fantasy movies that reflect the idea of living in a world that is not reality.
Episode 67: “The Terminator (PODCASTERS INITIATIVE THEME WEEK)” — This week marks the first ever CHRISTiAN GEEK PODCASTERS INITIATIVE!!! The theme is “superheroes” and we have three episodes to go along with the theme.
Episode 68: “Superheroes of Podcasting! (PODCASTERS INITIATIVE THEME WEEK)” — It’s the podcast about other podcasts! Ben and Steve talk about the other podcasts in the Podcasters Initiative!!!
Episode 69: “Best Worst Superheroes! (PODCASTERS INITIATIVE THEME WEEK)” — Why are some superheroes just not so super? Steve, Ben, Dr. Jayce, and Koby explore the superheroes they love and love to hate!
Episode 70: “STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS (Summer Movie Series)” — It’s time for us to Trek . . . INTO DARKNESS!!! While the meaning of the title may be up for debate, Ben and Dr. Jayce talk about what they liked and didn’t like about the newest Star Trek movie!
Episode 71: “Where Will Trek Boldly Go?” — Where will the Trek franchise go from here? And where would the Strangers and Aliens like to see it go?
Episode 72: “AFTER EARTH (Summer Movie Series)” — After Earth, directed by N. Night Shyamalan and starring Jaden and Will Smith, did not do well this weekend. But is it worth seeing?
Episode 73: “Secret Identities!” — Superhero secret identities! Are they necessary? Are they moral? Are they realistic? What’s our favorites? Plus LOTS of reader response!
Episode 74: “MAN OF STEEL (Summer Movie Series)” — The Strangers and Aliens tackle the Man of Steel! What did they think of it?
Episode 75: “When Sci-Fi/Fantasy Changed for Me” (Listener Content Episode)” — A while back, we asked you listeners to send us audio answers to the question “When did science fiction and fantasy change for you and make you realize it could be something with deep meaning?” This episode is the result.
Episode 76: “Favorite Villains” — Bring on the bad guys! Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce talk about their favorite villains in TV, books, movies, and comics!
Episode 77: “THE LONE RANGER (Summer Movie Series)” — It’s the Strangers and Aliens review of The Lone Ranger! Unfortunately, of the three hosts, Ben seems to be the lone VIEWER of the movie.
Episode 78: “PACIFIC RIM (Summer Movie Series)” — Once more, Dr. Jayce and Steve were not interested in seeing a summer blockbuster, but unlike Lone Ranger (which Ben wanted to see solely so he could bash it and was proven wrong), Ben has been excited about Pacific Rim for a while now. Does it live up to his expectations?
Episode 79: “Star Trek Feedback” — The trio of strangers and aliens take on feedback about Man of Steel, Star Trek, and Star Trek Into Darkness in this episode!
Episode 80: “Best and Worst TV Pilots” — What are some of the best pilots from television? Some of the worst? Ben. Steve, and Dr. Jayce talk about their favorites and their least favorite pilot episodes.
Episode 81: “The Spirit Blade Underground Interview” — In light of the launch of Christian Geek Central — http://christiangeekcentral.com — we’re playing an interview Paeter Frandsen, the mastermind behind CGC, did with Ben on the Spiritblade Underground podcast.
Episode 82: “Superman vs. Batman: Who Is the World’s Finest!” — It’s Superman vs. Batman… and Ben vs. Steve vs. Dr. Jayce! Who will win?
Episode 83: “Sci-Fi Casting Calls” — In this episode, we talk about that news, other casting rumors, and then explore some of the most surprising casting discussions and some of the most egregious sci-fi miscasts, including listener feedback!
Episode 84: “Elysium (Summer Movie Series)” — Ben is joined by fellow podcasters Matt Anderson and Daniel Butcher from The Sci-Fi Christian and Welcome to Level Seven to take on Elysium!
Episode 85: “RIDDICK (Summer Movie Series)” — Ben reviews Riddick alone…
Episode 86: “Greed” (Part Four of the Seven Deadly Sins)” — Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce talk about the concept of greed and how it appears in science fiction and fantasy, Biblical applications, and what greed looks like in our own lives.
Episode 87: “SUMMER MOVIE ROUND UP (Summer Movie Series)” — Dr. Jayce, Ben, and Steve gather together to do a recap of the summer’s genre offerings!
Episode 88: “Universe by Robert Heinlein (The Lost Episode)” — Over a year ago, Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce recorded an episode that they never released, mainly due to the audio quality of the recording. But it was a good episode. A good conversation. So it’s being released here and now.
Episode 89: “Interview with Mike Perna, Gamester Prophet” — Gamestore Prophets is a podcast about God and gaming, and Ben sat down with one half of the GSP team, Mike Perna, to talk about why they podcast, what it is that makes Mike so passionate about gaming, how God has used their podcast, and what “Team Gamestore Prophets” is and how Team Gamestore Prophets is actually helping sick kids!
Episode 90: “Fantasy Movies – Looking Forward and Looking Back” — With the release of the news about production moving forward on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair and the trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, the Strangers and Aliens trio talk about what is happening in the future of fantasy movies and take a look back at favorites!
Episode 91: “GRAVITY (NOT Summer Movie Series)” — Ben records the summer movie series finale he WISHES could have taken the place of Riddick and/or Elysium!
Episode 92: “Great Sci-Fi and Fantasy Speeches” — Dr. Jayce, Steve, and Ben talk about some of their favorite speeches from sci-fi and fantasy. With a special guest performance from Shazbot!
Episode 93: “THE DREAM by Lights Out (Old Time Radio)” — In our first Old Time Radio episode, Ben and Steve listen to and talk about an episode from the classic horror series Lights Out.
Episode 94: “SHADOW and SUBSTANCE: Twilight Zone Episodes “Nick of Time” and “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” — With SHADOW and SUBSTANCE, we start a new subseries with a look back at the Twilight Zone, starting with the William Shatner classics “Nick of Time” and “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”
Episode 95: “Strangers in a Strange Land” — Where did the name “Strangers and Aliens” come from?
Episode 96: “Interview with Tim Baron, Comic Book Artist” — Ben interviews Tim Baron, a Christian artist who draws bizarre comic books that feature zombies, monsters, and creatures of all sorts.
Episode 97: “The Way of the Warrior, pt. 1: The Simple Way (RED Church sermon series)” — We are proud to present a series of episodes featuring Dr. Jayce and his work at RED Church, by presenting some of his sermons that focus on living a life of spiritual depth.
Episode 98: “Ray Bradbury’s THE MARTIAN CHRONICLES (Old Time Radio)” — This episode: a special presentation of Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles, as told to us through various Old Time Radio sources!
Episode 99: “The Comic Book Crossover: Ben and Steve’s First Podcast” — A few years ago, Ben and Steve decided to do a podcast. That podcast was not Strangers and Aliens, but it DID lead directly to Strangers and Aliens! To celebrate our second anniversary and our upcoming 100th episode, we thought it would be fun to look back at where everything started!
Episode 100: “Top Sci-Fi and Fantasy Characters” — It’s a giant sized special episode — episode 100 and the Strangers and Aliens  Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce countdown their favorite sci-fi and fantasy characters.
Episode 101: “A Celebration of C.S. Lewis” — The strangers and aliens have a laid back conversation about C.S. Lewis and what him and his writings mean to them.
Episode 102: “Sci-Fi/Fantasy Thanksgiving” — This episode has a Thanksgiving theme, and Dr. Jayce, Ben, and Steve take a moment to consider things from sci-fi and fantasy that we are thankful for.
Episode 103: “Favorite Live Action Superhero TV Shows” —  Ben and Steve welcome Daniel Butcher, Ben’s cohost from Welcome to Level Seven, to talk about some of their favorite live action superhero TV shows!
Episode 104: “THE HOBBIT Review” — In this episode, Ben, Dr. Jayce, and Steve review The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug! And there are some strong feelings about this one…
Episode 105: “CHRISTMAS MOVIES: THE GOOD, THE BAD, and THE UGLY & Bonus Interview w/ Tim Baron” — Steve, Ben, and Dr. Jayce talk about some of their most hated and most loved Christmas movies.
Episode 106: “CHRISTMAS CAROL by Campbell’s Playhouse (Old Time Radio)” — We have a special treat for you! An OTR Christmas extravaganza!
Episode 107: “The Way of the Warrior, pt. 2: The Way of Solitude (RED Church Sermon Series)” — We are proud to present the second in our series of episodes featuring Dr. Jayce and his work at RED Church, part of his Way of the Warrior series focusing on living a life of spiritual depth.
Episode 108: CROSSOVER “The Christian Podcasting Crossover Event!” — The Crossover Event is here! Last year, we did a podcasting event in which a group of podcasts covered a concept in their own unique way. This year, we’re doing something bigger and bolder — a full on crossover. Hosts from the participating podcasts will be appearing on other podcasts!
Episode 109: CROSSOVER “Anticipated 2014 Movies” — The Crossover Event continues as Christian podcasters team up to take on awesome topics! We are proud to have as our guest Eve Franklin from Are You Just Watching? to come and talk with us about upcoming sci-fi and fantasy movies!
Episode 110: CROSSOVER “Dystopian Fiction” — The Crossover Event continues as Christian podcasters team up to take on awesome topics! We are proud to have Mikey Fissel from Real World Theology as our guest, as we use Hunger Games: Catching Fire as a springboard to talk about dystopian fiction!
Episode 111: CROSSOVER “What Makes Christian Fiction Good?” — The Crossover Event continues as Christian podcasters team up to take on awesome topics! We are proud to have Nathan James Norman from The Untold Podcast as our guest, Ben and Nathan talk about what makes Christian fiction good, and also why people continue to express that Christian fiction is NOT good.
Episode 112: “Catching Up” — Ben and Steve talk about what they are reading and writing and catch up on listener feedback.
Episode 113: “Interview with Caesar Malinowski” — Steve interviews a musician who Steve has been a fan of for two decades!
Episode 114: “Hidden Gems of Sci-Fi Television” — Dr. Jayce, Steve, and Ben offer some of their favorite “hidden” gems of sci-fi television, getting into some weird old stuff and some obscure new stuff, many of them on Netflix or in the cheap racks at stores.
Episode 115: “Robocop: the Franchise and the Reboot” — It’s Ben and Steve vs. Robocop in this episode of the podcast that explores the Robocop franchise, from the first movie to the reboot!
Episode 116: “Video Gaming with Lucas Timmerman” — Video games…they’re not just for kids anymore! Steve and special co-host Lucas Timmerman dig deep to uncover the methods behind the madness, exploring themes, stories, and characters in this medium that are sometimes glossed over in the flashes of action a 30-second TV spot needs to sell it to the masses.
Episode 117: “Gilgamesh to Frankenstein: Important Moments in Sci-Fi History #0” — The trio starts a new series, maybe, as they explore some of the earliest roots of science fiction.
Episode 118: “The Way of the Warrior, pt. 3: The Way of Submission (RED Church Sermon Series)” — We are proud to present the third in our series of episodes featuring Dr. Jayce and his work at RED Church, part of his Way of the Warrior series focusing on living a life of spiritual depth.
Episode 119: “Lust” (Part Five of the Seven Deadly Sins)” — Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce talk about the concept of lust and how it appears in science fiction and fantasy, Biblical applications, and what lust looks like in our own lives.
Episode 120: “Noah-counting for Taste” — Ben talks about Darren Aronofsky’s Noah — the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Episode 121: “Narcoleptic Monster Dodos Invade the Neptune Colony Part 3 (Old Time Radio?)” — In possibly the strangest Strangers and Aliens episode ever, Ben and Steve take up a challenge from Dr. Jayce. The challenge? Create a podcast episode with this title: “Narcoleptic Monster Dodo’s Invade the Neptune Colony part 3″ The result? Ben and Steve role-play? Or story-game? Or something… The result? Needs to be heard.
Episode 122: “Where’s Ben At? (Mini-Side)” — Find out what happens when Ben is late to the recording session and Dr. Jayce and Steve have free run of the show!
Episode 123: “TV Series Completionism” — “What TV series have you seen every episode of?” Ben, Jayce and Steve try to answer this question!
Episode 124: “CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER (Summer Movie Series)” — Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce sit down to talk about Captain America: The Winter Soldier!
Episode 125″AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 (Summer Movie Series)” — Ben and Steve are ready to talk about Amazing Spider-Man 2, and we are joined by Matt Anderson of The Sci-Fi Christian!
Episode 126: “1986: Comic Books’ Greatest Year” — This episode, Ben and Steve discuss the greatest year in comic book history, the year that changed everything, the year that shifted toward a deconstruction of superheroes and an acceptance of indy comics. 1986.
Episode 127: “GODZILLA (Summer Movie Series)” — Go, go Godzilla!!! The Big G is back on the big screen! For this episode of Strangers and Aliens, Ben was joined by fellow Godzilla fan (and Fans for Christ member) Nathan Marchand.
Episode 128: “Batmanimation” — Batman is one of those franchises that has thrived over time and media and audience age. In this episode, Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce talk about their favorite animated Batman stories and series.
Episode 129: “TURTLE POWER!” — Dr. Jayce’s lifelong franchise favorite comes to the forefront in the latest episode of Strangers and Aliens! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!!
Episode 130: “EDGE OF TOMORROW (Summer Movie Series)” — For this edition of the Summer Movie Series, Ben talks about Edge of Tomorrow and the time loopiness within!
Episode 131: “TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION (Summer Movie Series)” — Ben is joined by Matt Anderson of The Sci-Fi Christian and Daniel Butcher of Welcome to Level Seven & Between Disney to talk about the latest in the Transformers franchise!
Episode 132: “Franchise of the Planet of the Apes” — A comprehensive discussion of the Planet of the Apes franchise, from its beginnings as a book to the sci-fi classic first installment to the downward spiral into kiddie fare and TV to the big budget resurrection under Tim Burton’s hand to the new reboot series!
Episode 133: “Was the Remake Better?” — Hollywood has no shortage of good ideas . . . that they already did and want to do again!
Episode 134: “ROMANS 8 (Geek Bible)” — Looking at a favorite Bible passage, Ben and Steve discuss the spiritual, personal, and sci-fi/fantastical elements of Romans 8! It’s not a series. Not yet. But maybe it will be…
Episode 135: “Like Going Through a Time Warp” — We’ve all had that experience. It’s not like deja vu, where you feel like you’re doing something you’ve done before. Rather, it’s like you’ve gone back in time, either in a place with elements from the past or a song that takes you back or any number of things that make you feel like you are in another time.
Episode 136: “X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, & TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (Summer Movie Series)” — Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce talk about three superhero movies from this summer!
Episode 137: “Sidekicks: What Are They Good For?” — Ben and Steve sit down and talk about sidekicks, define sidekicks, argue which one of them is the sidekick, and discuss favorite sidekicks.
Episode 138: “Universal Classic Monsters” — Frankenstein. Dracula. Wolfman. The Creature. The Mummy. Classic monsters.
Episode 139: “Big Hero 6 Family Review” — Ben is joined by his four oldest children to talk about, review, analyze and laugh about Big Hero 6.
Episode 140: “Interstellar Review and Christopher Nolan” — Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s most recent film, has hit screens and thrilled or confounded audiences, and Dr. Jayce and Ben are here to discus not just that film, but all of Christopher Nolan’s library.
Episode 141: “Glen Larson” — Recently, TV writer and producer Glen Larson passed away, and Ben and Steve take some time to talk about his career and the impact it had on their childhoods and the lasting impact to them to this day.
Episode 142: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and more” — J.J. Abrams’ trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has come! We had a fun, lively discussion about the trailer and our expectations for the movie!
Episode 143: “The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies mini-review” — Ben and Dr. Jayce have a short conversation about movie featuring lots of short creatures! Oh, and Steve is there, too…
Episode 144: “The Santa Who Wasn’t There”: a Christmas Treat” — Steve prepared a special Santa-themed old time radio drama to get us into the Christmas spirit, and get us into a spirited discussion about Santa!
Episode 145: “THE HOBBIT: Family Round Table Review” — Ben is joined by his kids again to talk about The Hobbit trilogy, from the unexpected journey to the battle of the five armies!
Episode 146: “Canon” — Ben and Steve discuss the pros and cons of “canon” in fiction, and what it means or doesn’t mean to fans!
Episode 147: “Jupiter Ascending” — Ben is riding solo, reviewing the Wachowskis’ movie Jupiter Ascending.
Episode 148: “In Search of . . . Leonard Nimoy” — Leonard Nimoy passed away last week. In this episode, Ben and Steve talk about the influence Nimoy had on sci-fi, fantasy, and their own fandoms.
Episode 149: “I Want to Believe in the X-Files Reunion” — X-FIles is returning, and we’re excited! We talk about the potential, and what else we’d like to see return like this!
Episode 150: “Reflections on Easter” — In this episode we take the time to reflect on Easter, Good Friday, and the Last Supper. Ben is joined by his family in a series of readings and writings about some aspects of the Holy Week.
Episode 151: “Star Wars Original Trilogy Family Review” — Ben and his four oldest children have just finished watching the original trilogy of Star Wars, and now they have gathered together to discuss them!
Episode 152: “Avengers: Age of Ultron (Summer Movie Review)” — The trio is back together again, and it’s time to discuss Avengers: Age of Ultron, the first big movie of the 2015 summer movie season!
Episode 153: “Mad Max: Fury Road (Summer Movie Series)” — Mad Max: Fury Road has been the surprise hit of the sci-fi summer! And in this episode, Ben is joined by the surprise first guest of the summer! Rachel from Geekually Yoked!
Episode 154: “Tomorrowland (Summer Movie Series)” — Ben joins forces with Evan David from the Static Blade Podcast (now defunct) to review Tomorrowland!
Episode 155: “Jurassic World (Summer Movie Series)” — For this episode, Evan is joined by Ben Avery from the Static Blade Podcast (now defunct) to talk about Jurassic World!
Episode 156: “The Childishness of Geekdom (Thoughts on Simon Pegg’s Thoughts)” — Some weeks ago, Simon Pegg made some controversial statements about geekdom and cinema and where it seemed to be heading. We discuss said statements.
Episode 157: “All the Mistakes Ben Kenobi Made (How Every Single Bad Thing in the Star Wars Universe Could Have Been Avoided if Ben Kenobi Had Just Been a Better Decision Maker)” — We love Star Wars, but because of the way it was written, there are certain potholes that can be explained from a “certain point of view”…or that look like poor life choices for the characters from another “certain point of view.”
Episode 158: “Two Tiny Movies: Ant-Man and Pixels (Summer Movie Series)” — It’s Ant-man vs. Pixels! two tiny themed movies! Two comedy action movies! Ben reviews them both!
Episode 159: “Four Fantastic Movies to Watch Instead of Fantastic Four” — In a non-review, Ben recommends some movies that actually succeed at some of the things that 2015’s Fantastic Four was trying to be.
Episode 160: “Fantasy Football and Other Sci-Fi Sports” — Ben and Steve talk about some of their favorite fictional sports, from futuristic racing to sci-fi fighting to fantastic competitions.
Episode 161: “Top Ten Biggest Blockbusters” — The three sci-fi guys are together again, taking a look at the top ten biggest money making movies of all time.
Episode 162: “Our Favorite Animated Superhero Series” — Joined by The Static Blade Podcast’s (Now Defunct) Evan David, Ben, Steve, and their guest talk about their top ten favorite animated series of all time.
Episode 163: “The Visit Review” — Ben visits M. Night’s latest film, which seems to be not just a return to form but a return to passion.
Episode 164: “Crimson Peak Review” — Ben visits Crimson Peak, Guillermo del Toro’s follow up to Pacific Rim, and it couldn’t be more different.
Episode 165: “The Jaws Franchise: Jaws (1975)-Jaws 19 (2015)” — Ben and Steve take a look back at all 19 Jaws movies, from Jaws to Jaws 4: The Revenge, from Cyberjaws to Jaws in NY, from the prequels to the reboot to the return to the original continuity in this year’s Jaws 19!
Episode 166: “Listener Feedback Jamboree” — Ben and Steve open up the listener feedback mailbag and discuss a few responses to our recent episodes.
Episode 167: “A Very Special Christmas Episode” — Ben and Steve are joined by Evan David to discuss some of their favorite “very special Christmas” episodes of TV shows, movies, and comics! This is a part of the Crossover Nexus’ Christmas Crossover Event!
Episode 168: “Star Wars Prequel Trilogy Family Review” — Ben is joined by four of his five kids to talk about their thoughts and reactions to the Star Wars prequel trilogy!
Episode 169: “STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Road Trip Review” — Star Wars: The Force Awakens is here, and Ben, Ben’s son, Evan, and Evan’s wife jump into the mini-van to go see the new Star Wars movie. They are joined by Ben’s high school friend and a student from Evan’s small group.
Episode 170: “THE GOBLINS WHO STOLE A SEXTON, a Charles Dickens Christmas Story” — For a holiday treat, we read Charles Dickens’ precursor to A Christmas Carol, The Goblins Who Stole a Sexton, a chapter from The Pickwick Papers.
Episode 171: “The Force Awakens Revisited” — We return to Star Wars episode 7 for a longer, more focused discussion of the movie! What did they love? What did they hate? Also, Ben and Steve welcome Evan officially into the fold as the fourth “strange alien”!
Episode 172: “Anything But Star Wars” — What do Labyrinth, Longmire, and The Faerie Queen have in common? They AREN’T Star Wars! And they ARE some things we’ve been reading and watching and enjoying. And they AREN’T Star Wars.
Episode 173: “Return of the X-Files (Pt. 1)” — The X-Files has returned, and Steve and Ben are pretty excited…although we have different reactions to SOME of these first three episodes of X-Files season 10.
Episode 174: “League of the Gray (Interview with Sandy Brownlee)” — A transmedia project about an secret group of multi-generational warriors in the never-ending battle against evil, League of the Gray is part Buffy the Vampire Slayer and part Golden Girls! Ben talks with Sandy Brownlee, the mastermind behind this web series.
Episode 175: “LABYRINTH (Retro Movie Mission 1)” — In Retro Movie Missions the Retronauts fire the Retro-rockets on their Retro-starship to take a look back at some retro-movies! Join Captain Ben, Sergeant Steve, and Ensign Evan as they explore Jim Henson’s classic movie LABYRINTH!
Episode 176: “Return of the X-Files (Pt. 2)” — The X-Files has returned, and Steve and Ben WERE pretty excited…and now they are ready to wade through the final three episodes!
Episode 177: “Don Bluth Retrospective” — Ben. Steve, and Evan talk about the career of animator Don Bluth
Episode 178: “The Return of…” — From Star Wars to X-Files to Heroes, old heroes have been making a return…and they make their return, well, older! In this episode we take a look at some of our favorite and not so favorite returns and what those returns bring with them!
Episode 179: “Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?” — Heroes battling heroes is a time honored tradition in comics, TV, and movies. But why? Ben and Evan team up to discover the answer and look into some of their favorite hero vs. hero conflicts.
Episode 180: “BATMAN v. SUPERMAN Roadtrip Review” — Ben and Evan are joined by three friends to take another trip to the theater…this time to see BATMAN v. SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE!!!
Episode 181: “Batman v. Superman Revisited” — The whole S&A family is together, new and old, for a conversation about Batman v. Superman!
Episode 182: “Listener Feedback and ROGUE ONE Teaser Thoughts” — With the new Star Wars teaser release, Ben, Steve, and Evan talk about their thoughts of the teaser and address some items from the mailbag!
Episode 183: “BLACK HOLE (Retro Movie Mission 2)” — Join Captain Ben, Sergeant Steve, and Ensign Evan as they explore the Disney sci-fi movie BLACK HOLE!
Episode 184: “The Supergirl Series” — Evan and Steve talk about CBS’s superhero series: Supergirl!
Episode 185: “CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Roadtrip Review” — Ben and Evan take another road trip to the movies, this time to see Captain America: Civil War, featuring the screen debut of Black Panther and Spider-Man and the biggest collection of Marvel heroes on the screen yet!
Episode 186: “CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Revisited” — After the instant reaction of the road trip, Ben and Evan are joined by Steve to give Civil War another go ’round. Can Ben convince Evan that #TeamCap is the only hashtag needed for this movie? What does Steve think of this movie? What was the emotional counterpoint for Evan? And what kind of weight can this movie carry in the light of  current American political situations?
Episode 187: “What If… DC Comics Had a Civil War?” — What if DC had it’s OWN Civil War? What side would the DC heroes be on? Evan opens his DC Comics collection and explores that idea!
Episode 188: “The Magic Episode!” — Ben, Evan, and Steve talk about magic in fiction and reality.
Episode 189: “E3 2016” — Steve and Evan are joined by returning guest host Lucas Timmerman to discuss the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3), the most anticipated video game event of the year!
Episode 190: “Iteration Irritation” — With Ben still away at camp, Steve and Evan discuss some Iterations of well-liked characters that took a left turn somewhere down the line, tainting the very things about the character they’d come to admire!
Episode 191: “Independence Day: Resurgence” — Ben is back! And he’s joined by Evan to talk about the 2016 summer blockbuster: Independence Day: Resurgence!


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