Other Podcasts

Here are some more podcasts that deal with Christianity and sci-fi & fantasy.

The Spiritblade Underground — Run by Paeter Frandsen, the Spiritblade podcast is a nice mix of geeking out and devotionals. Usually split in two parts, one part being reviews from a Christian perspective of various geek related materials and the other part being a study of Bible passages with a geeky bent (one inspiration for our own Geek Bible blog posts), Paeter’s Spiritblade Underground is an inspiring and informative podcast that will most likely entertain listeners of Strangers and Aliens.


The Sci-Fi Christian — The Sci-Fi Christian, aside from starting a feud with Strangers and Aliens, is a podcast with a fun mix of personalities, and the topics are explored in depth and with an energetic love for both their faith and the genre.




Have another podcast that focuses on both Christianity and geek topics? Tell us about it using our contact form. We don’t usually do link exchanges, we tend to just link to things we like, but we’re willing to check out what you suggest! Thanks!


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