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  • Independence Day: Resurgence – SA191

    Independence Day: Resurgence – SA191

    Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSBen is back! And he’s joined by Evan to talk about the 2016┬ásummer blockbuster: Independence Day: Resurgence! Does the movie accomplish what it sets out to do? Or does it fall flat? You be the judge!

  • REVIEW: Doctor Who the Movie (and the MOVIES . . .)

    REVIEW: Doctor Who the Movie (and the MOVIES . . .)

    Netflix is the one and only reason I have become such a huge fan of Doctor Who. Before Netflix, I was a casual observer. I enjoyed watching old episodes from the original run (Tom Baker being my favorite Doctor), but mostly as a curiosity, a foray into the history of sci-fi. I was familiar enough…