A Christmas Carol . . . in KLINGON!!!

In researching A Christmas Carol, I came across this video from The Wall Street Journal.

I’m not sure what’s stranger . . . A Christmas Carol in Klingonese or The Wall Street Journal reporting on it!

Definitely worth watching the report. I don’t know if it is something anyone is still doing — the actual performances were in 2010.

“Nothing says holiday spirit like a fictional alien race speaking in monosyllabic grunts.”

Indeed! Watch the report below . . .






7 responses to “A Christmas Carol . . . in KLINGON!!!”

  1. Mike poteet Avatar
    Mike poteet

    Ah, man, Ben, I thought I could stay above this sci-fi feud fray, but… http://thescifichristian.com/2011/11/kahless-bless-us-every-one-theater-news/


    Seriously, though – it does look like an awesome production. I’d love to see it!

    1. Ben Avatar

      Of all of you, I didn’t expect YOU to go there, Mike . . .

      1. Mike Poteet Avatar
        Mike Poteet

        (Purelyin good fun. Qapla!)

  2. Christopher Kidder-Mostrom Avatar

    Actually, the show is running again this year at a different theater. Check out http://www.cbtheatre.org for more info.

  3. William Avatar

    Dickens would roll over in his grave. I couldn’t even watch the whole 4 minutes.

    1. Ben Avatar

      I think Dickens would dig it . . .

    2. Michael Poteet Avatar

      No way, William. Dickens was a popular writer. He LOVED being a popular writer. He wrote sensational stuff. I’m not saying it has no literary merit – clearly, it does – but he would have likely been the last person to be opposed to something like this. If nothing else, it might drive sales of the source material up!

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