BOOK CLUB: Out of the Silent Planet

The cover my edition had, given to me by my aunt when I was in junior high.

Call your library! Search your shelves! Borrow from a friend! Head to the bookstore! Or click on your favorite online bookseller!

January is the first month of the Strangers and Aliens “book club” . . . and 2013 is the Year of C.S. Lewis . . . so that means it’s time for us to read:


This is a book that, honestly, is popular perhaps more because people know about it and WHAT it is than actually read the book. It is a book by C.S. Lewis, and people love him; it is science fiction (sort of), and people who love C.S. Lewis tend to also enjoy books of that nature; and it is considered a classic, which means it’s not a hidden book no one has ever heard of.

But like many classics, it’s a book people have on their shelves, but don’t necessarily read! And that’s one big reason we’re doing the Year of C.S. Lewis at Strangers and Aliens.

Like the best science fiction, this is a book of big ideas and alien landscapes and fully realized cultures.

Like the best science fantasy, it ignores science in favor of just having machines that do what they need to do to get the story going.

Leave some of your observations of the book below, especially if this is your first read through of the book. What are some of the things that stick out to you? What are some of the things that make it hard to get into? What are some of the shining moments of the book?

For those who have read it before, what new insights or observations do you have as you read Out of the Silent Planet?

What do you love about this book?

What do you hate about it?

What are some memories you have about this book?

If you have never read the book before, here is our podcast episode “Into the Silent Planet”, which is an introduction to C.S. Lewis’ novel: Episode 47: Into the Silent Planet (an introduction to C.S. Lewis’ “science fantasy” novel)

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