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Over the last month or so, two new podcasts have come to my attention that deal with issues of the intersection of Christianity and geekery.

They haven’t been around long enough for me to add them to our official list (which consists of two). The official list of recommended podcasts are podcasts that have been around long enough for me to know they are not going anywhere (meaning I’d have to go back and remove dead links) AND they have been around long enough for me to recommend them.

The two podcasts already on the list are:

The Sci-Fi Christian — iTunes link here: The Sci-Fi Christian

The Spirit Blade Underground — iTunes link here: The Spirit Blade Underground Podcast

If you have ever looked at our links section, you know that we do not do link exchanges. In other words, we do not link to other podcasts because they link to us. We link to websites because we genuinely LIKE them and think you will, too. Period. If we DID do link exchanges, more people would probably link to us . . . but I prefer this method.

So here are two brand spanking new podcasts, with less than ten episodes each, BUT that I think you may like them. I’ve listened to most of their episodes and feel comfortable recommending them based on content . . . I like listening to them myself . . . and if they continue regularly I will probably add them to our official recommendations list in a month or two.

Here they are:

Geekually Yoked — iTunes link here: Geekually Yoked » Podcast Feed — hosted by a husband and wife, they talk about books, gaming, TV, and movies from a Christian perspective and a married perspective. They have a fun dynamic. (Note: It has been almost a month since their last episode. Not what they call in the business a “podfade”, but that’s why I’m gunshy putting new podcasts on the “official” list. But I do want people to check them out, which is why I’ve written this post.)

Storymen — iTunes link here: StoryMen — this is hosted by three writers who are involved in various forms of ministry as well, and they talk about pop culture and Christian topics. (If I were from The Sci-Fi Christian, I’d think there was some ripping off going on . . . but I’m from Strangers and Aliens and we aren’t so paranoid.) They are good friends and they have only put out four episodes, but already it’s been a good mix of topics.

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  1. Rachel Avatar

    This is Rachel from Geekually Yoked! Thanks for the link to our podcast. It’s been great having your comments on some of our episodes. We do have a new one up (finally) … we got a little behind with Advent/Christmas parish life, and that whole “visiting family” thing. But we’re back to our bi-weekly schedule now. …and back to catching up on our other podcasts, like Strangers and Aliens.

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