POLL: What’s your favorite sci-fi/fantasy franchise?

We want to know . . . what’s YOUR favorite? Star Wars or Star Trek? Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?

Vote! And then, please, leave a comment below and talk about your answers . . . then come back and see what other people are saying!

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~ Ben

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9 responses to “POLL: What’s your favorite sci-fi/fantasy franchise?”

  1. Bud Rogers Avatar
    Bud Rogers

    I have to vote for Star Trek. From The Original Series to Voyager, and then back to Enterprise (not to mention the various book series), there’s a richness to the Star Trek univerese that allows many different approaches, yet there remains a cohesiveness through it all.

    Lord of the Rings runs a very close second – only because it is limited to Tolkien’s work. But that’s A GOOD THING. I don’t want anybody else building on it.

  2. Ben Avatar

    Agreed about Lord of the Rings. And Narnia. Whenever I saw “new” books tying in to the Narnia movies, it always bothered me. Some things work best with a singular vision behind them. Some things (like Trek) thrive under a community vision.

  3. Brandon Mallard Avatar
    Brandon Mallard

    Personally, I probably enjoy the Star Wars series the most. And, yes, I appreciate the prequels, but the original trilogy is really what it’s all about!

    I understand there is a lot of ground that Star Trek has to move around on, but I always felt that each series was geared more for science-minded crowds, whereas Star Wars has the ability to appeal more to broader audiences. Just my perspective.

    I feel like on principle, I should enjoy Narnia or even LOTR more, but even though I may appreciate their spirituality more than in Star Wars, I guess the original trilogy just has a little bit more spark to it.

  4. Sandy Brownlee Avatar

    Wow. I’ve got several. Loved Star Trek – especially Next Gen and Voyager. Currently love the SyFy Network’s Warehouse 13, Eureka, and Sanctuary. I also was a big fan of Stargate SG1 and Firefly. As you can tell I am a total geek. (At least I don’t speak Klingon.) BUT my all time favorite has to be LOST.

  5. Ben Avatar

    sandy, I haven’t followed any of the newer SyFy shows — canceling Stargate really soured me on SyFy. I guess I shouldn’t be like that … I’ve heard they are pretty good shows, and I really want to check out Eureka. That was cancelled too, right?

  6. Ben Avatar

    Brandon, I totally get what you mean. I didn’t vote for Narnia or LOTR either, but when I put together this poll they were two of the titles that first came to mind. Although, as a comic book guy, I almost feel like I should have voted Marvel or DC on principle. Different principle, though!

  7. Dr. Jayce Avatar

    Yeah Ben but I felt like the DC and Marvel options were a bit unfair. Kind of like saying do you like all of the Sci-fi books published by Harper Collins.

    I’m surprised that more didn’t vote for them. Perhaps more would’ve had they been specific: Spiderman…etc.

  8. Benjamin Curtis Avatar
    Benjamin Curtis

    Love Lord of the Rings and Stargate both stargates sg1 and Atlantis. When they made Stargate Universe they made me mad because it was a bunch of drama hush bosh. Star wars is good but unlike most people i like the first three episodes.Episode 1 was my favorite! I thought Dr. Who might have gotten more votes.

  9. Ben Avatar

    I actually like all four Stargate series . . . SG-1, Atlantis, Universe, and “the Farscape years” (I consider seasons 9 and 10 of SG-1 to be a completely different series).

    Episode 1 is your favorite? Yes, not many people would agree with you on that! Will you be hitting theaters this weekend to see it in 3-D?

    Dr. Jayce, as for Marvel and DC being unfair options — unlike “Harper Collins sci-fi”, they are meant to be cohesive universes, with story lines that refer not only to their deep past, but to the other titles. Just like Star Trek, only on a decades long monthly schedule.

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