POLL: Who is your favorite Doctor?

In conjunction with our recent Doctor Who-centric episode (click here to download it!), here’s the question every Doctor Who fan has an answer to . . .

There have been twelve Doctors in Doctor Who canon, and one more guy who fought Daleks but not from within canon (how many actors can say they both drove a TARDIS and were Darth Vader’s boss?).

So which one is your favorite variation of the Doctor? Vote below, let us know! And don’t forget to leave a comment in the space below the poll telling us why!

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One response to “POLL: Who is your favorite Doctor?”

  1. John Avatar

    My vote goes to Jon Pertwee, mainly because he starred in some of my favorite Doctor Who episodes. The Time Warrior (Sarah Jane’s debut!), The Green Death, Carnival of Monsters… he was the first doctor to be broadcast in color, and he had a cool car with a nickname!

    My “first doctor” was Colin Baker; the first episode I ever remember seeing was “The Twin Dilemma” on PBS late one night when I was in high school. Eventually they went back to airing Tom Baker episodes and he was my favorite doctor for years, until I discovered during a telethon that there were actually SEVEN doctors! After that I started trying to see as many different ones as I could, and eventually settled on Pertwee as my fav.

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