RANKINGS: Top 10 Time Travel Movies of All Time (#10)


#10 The Time Machine (1960)

Rod Taylor’s character travels into the future to see how his world turns out. At first he sticks to the not too distant future, but due to an accident he travels more than 800,000 years into the future.

When: 1917, 1940, 1966 and finally 802,701

Best part: This was the story that started it all! Before the brilliant-if not pessimistic-Wells had written The Time Machine, time travel had never been broached by the popular masses. If Wells hadn’t penned this masterpiece we may never have been blessed by the other time travelling stories we will see later in this list.

Worst part: I have no idea how the audience of the time felt when they saw the gorilla looking Smurf that resembled a homely woman who had stayed out of the sun a few centuries too long; but looking back at the show now it isn’t all that scary. I haven’t always felt this way, because as a kid those dentist lacking blue apes really scared the bejesus out of me. The makeup and costumes have not aged well, but it works because it is a classic Sci-fi tale and in classic Sci-fi tales unbelievable makeup and special effects only add to their appeal.


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