Red Dwarf Season 10 Trailer!

I love Red Dwarf. I mean, how many other sci-fi comedies can you think of that actually explore Big Science Fiction Ideas while making fun of Big Science Fiction Ideas and telling heart felt stories (sometimes)?

Now, moments of off color humor aside, and also putting aside the second to last season, and also putting aside the series finale that was ignored when they came back with three extra episodes years later . . . it’s one of the best sci-fi shows of the last couple of decades. And I say that with a straight face.

So, here’s the trailer for the NEXT season. Season X. Apparently, those three episodes they did a couple years back counted as season 9. Or maybe, as happened in the series, season 9 happened in an alternate universe/timeline as we missed it in ours.

Whatever the case, the idea of Red Dwarf returning excites me. What doesn’t excite me . . . this promo isn’t all that funny . . .






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