STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS teaser trailers . . .

Continuing the speculation started here . . .

So an “announcement teaser trailer” has been` for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS has been released. It is not a trailer . . . and it’s not teasing . . . it’s announcing the tease for the trailer?

Anyway, SPOILERS and SPECULATION lie ahead! Oh, and an extra “announcement teaser trailer” because apparently they added a few seconds in Japan.

And they are quite an addition!

Watching the trailer, I see some clues that cause me to think, even more, that this is Gary Mitchell we are looking at.

But, I also see clues that this is Khan. I really want to know what you guys think. (UPDATE: Added a poll below!)

First, you can watch the Japanese version of the trailer here:

Now, did you see this woman in the trailer?

Gary Mitchell and Dr. Dehner

I saw someone who certainly LOOKED like that woman.

I know there has been some speculation that the woman we saw in the trailer was actually Carol Marcus, and that could certainly still be true . . . but I’m going with Dehner. And it’s definitely not Marla McGivers:

The woman Khan wanted revenge for.

But, if you watched the Japanese trailer there was an interesting addition. The hands at the end.

This is a screen grab, NOT a Youtube video.

Which reminds Trek fans of . . .

Surprisingly touching for just a B-movie, as it has been called . . .

So, does this trailer reveal anything really? No, not really.

But it’s fun guessing!

Like the red plants on the planet . . . I bet that’s from the opening adventure, when they show that Enterprise is out there exploring! And the ship coming out of the water . . . is that the Botany Bay or is that Gary Mitchell raising it with his brain powers? And the ship going INTO the water . . . Enterprise or one of the fleet’s ships being destroyed as we learned from the synopsis of the movie?

What do you think?

UPDATE: The Sci-Fi Christian has also posted an analysis of the trailer, and Michael Poteet seems to think it is Khan we are seeing. Read their thoughts here.

Care to make a wager, Sci-Fi Christian (or Michael, anyway)? I am even MORE convinced it is Gary Mitchell. See below . . .

SAME UPDATE, DIFFERENT TOPIC (pure speculation, not spoiler, but if I’m right and you want to avoid what the movie is about): Here is why I believe this is Gary Mitchell: because Spock WILL DIE in this movie. Spock will die, or will be believed to be dead, and Gary Mitchell (or Dr. Dehner) will bring him back to life. That’s why Uhura is upset in the movie, that’s why Kirk is addressing the people in dress uniform. Spock will die, and Kirk will seek revenge, and by the end Spock will be alive again.

I’m not willing to make THIS a wager . . .

VOTE IN OUR POLL!!! Who do you think the villain is? If you vote “other” make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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