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  • Ep. 74 — MAN OF STEEL (Summer Movie Series)

    Ep. 74 — MAN OF STEEL (Summer Movie Series)

    Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSIn this episode, the Strangers and Aliens tackle the Man of Steel! What did they think of it? Find out in this episode, which is divided into two sections: a spoiler free section (the first hour) and a spoiler filled section (the final minutes). What do they think…

  • New MAN OF STEEL trailer!

    New MAN OF STEEL trailer!

    Everything I see about this movie tells me to tone down my expectations. Why? Because everything I see about this movie looks so good. So. Very. Very. Good. It cannot possibly be as good as all this, right? I mean, this looks like the Superman movie that people who are not fans of Superman might…

  • Superman Teaser!

    Superman Teaser!

    One of the things that excited me when I saw The Dark Knight Rises was the teaser for Man of Steel they played. They have two versions, apparently shipped out randomly with The Dark Knight Rises. I was worried about Man of Steel when I learned Zack Snyder was directing. I have not seen Watchmen.…