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  • THOUGHT CLOUDS: Silver Surfer – Parable

    THOUGHT CLOUDS: Silver Surfer – Parable

    (This review originally appeared on The Spirit Blade Underground Podcast.) SILVER SURFER PARABLE Stan Lee, writer; Moebius & Keith Pollard I wanted to follow up my last review for Spirit Blade with a review that was a bit more . . . positive. I thought about reviewing something by Geoff Johns that  actually liked, like the New…

  • REVIEW: Prometheus

    REVIEW: Prometheus

    My initial spoiler free thoughts after my first viewing of Prometheus: 1. Yes, I said “first viewing.” This is a movie that encourages multiple viewings. I do not know if I will go and see this in the theater again (maybe a dollar theater) but I do plan to watch it again. Possibly a couple…