The Way of the Writer (The Way of the Writer)

“The Way of the Writer” is a new thing I plan to do with this blog (it’s actually a carry over from my old blog). I’ll be using it as a “topic heading” for any posts about writing and the writing life that I do here.

I don’t claim to be an expert or a master or anything like that. I’ll just be sharing my own thoughts and experiences about the practical side of writing, the spiritual side of writing, the exciting side of writing, and the dreadful side of writing.

The artwork was done by the amazing Tim Baron, specifically for me for this project! (He rocks! Check out his blog if you ever get a chance for a peek at the macabre and the holy . . .) The Samurai above will appear in each installment of “The Way of the Writer”.

~ Ben

Samurai art by Tim Baron






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