Two Very Similar Sci-Fi Trailers for Upcoming Movies

Is it me or does this movie . . .

Seem a LOT like this movie:

It could be worse. The “destroyed earth” movie you star in COULD have been Battlefield Earth, Tom . . .
To be fair, Will is in the OTHER poster, but this one feels more like Tom’s poster.

Oblivion is April 2012. After Earth is June 2013. It’s Tom Cruise vs. Will Smith in the battle of the “dead earth except not quite so dead considering the people we see in the trailers” movies!

Who will win? Maverick or the Fresh Prince? Tom Cruise has the Tron: Legacy direcotor in HIS corner! Will Smith has the Sixth Sense director in HIS corner! Tom Cruise has a bright color palate and I think more lens flares. Will Smith has a more earthy toned filmmaking going on and more creature effects. Tom Cruise has the better poster. (Will Smith isn’t even on his!)

No matter who wins . . . earth has already lost. Is this a reaction to the end of the world vibe we’ve had lately? It’s inevitable, these movies seem to be saying. Earth is doomed, except for a few beautiful people with dirt smudged on their faces.

~ Ben






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