Two Views on Fandom (Other Podcasts)

SAavatarSo in one day, I listened to two different podcasts that each had the same topic from two very, very different perspectives. They were posted within two days of each other.

The topic: fandom.

The podcasts: Geekually Yoked and The Sci-Fi Christian.

They form a nice duology, and take on the topic from different angles. They also each have a fun pun for their episode title. Check them out!


I’ll admit, it took me a moment to get the pun. Even after they said it a time or two. But I caught on.

They explore fandom by getting into how they spread the word about what they are fans about, and the topic gets into some interesting discussions of fandom, community, and the more traditional definition of evangelism. Generally speaking, this is a positive look at fandom. I’ve said before I like this podcast, and this is one of the best episodes.



Coming from a more negative perspective (and not the negative perspective you’d expect), The Sci-Fi Christian explores how, basically, fandom has ruined storytelling and, more specifically, movies in general. It, too, is an interesting discussion, although I will say right now I agree with many of the facts they bring up, I disagree with many of the conclusions they come to from those facts. I also disagree whole-heartedly with the fifth story categorization they use. But it is a thought-provoking discussion, and worth listening it. Even as I disagreed with things, I found myself figuring out WHY I disagreed.


I just found the two different, but similar, episode topics that popped up on my iPod very interesting and thought I’d share them with you.

~ Ben






2 responses to “Two Views on Fandom (Other Podcasts)”

  1. Matt Avatar

    Wow! Interesting that they were both posted within days of each other. I guess I’d have to side with the Sci-Fi Christian because of their uninhibited relentless pursuit of the truth.

    1. Ben Avatar

      It’s not so much two opposite views as two different views.

      Give Geekually Yoked a listen, though. It’s a fun podcast.

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