Unboxing a Sci-Fi Anthology (My Sci-Fi Journey)

Ben unboxes(?) a book he got from eBay. It’s not just any book, it’s a book he remembers with nostalgic fondness. A book that engaged his imagination at an impressionable age: “More Science Fiction Tales”, edited by Roger Elwood.

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  1. bibliomike2020 Avatar

    Hooray for library sales! As one who works with my local library’s annual book sale, I loved hearing that such a sale was your intro to not only Asimov but also Star Trek! (And I can’t wait to hear your episode about “The Caves of Steel.”)

    And huzzah for librarians. One reason my daughter is sad to leave middle school for high school is leaving the librarian behind… she recommended tons of great fantasy books to my daughter this year, including some by Diana Wynne Jones and GOOD OMENS, which has become one of her all-time favorites.

    Really enjoyed watching you unbox your purchase and hearing your memories of Roger Elwood – a new name for me, I have to admit. But still very cool.

    A book like that for me was Roger Lancelyn Greene’s “King Arthur and His Knights” in an old Puffin Books edition, brought to me as a gift from a relative in England. It has woodcut-like engravings actually done with scissors that have always been the most part of its charm. (Including a picture of Sir Mordred in a helmet with bat wings, very much like the one Matt Smith wore in the first episode of “House of the Dragon.”)

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