VIDEO: “Happy Birthday David”, Prometheus Promo

Prometheus will be in theaters June 8. So will I . . .

If the movie Prometheus is just half as good as this “faux-commercial/short sci-fi film”, then I think sci-fi fans have something to look forward to.

What strikes me is that this little promotional video, intended to generate interest in Ridley Scott’s prequel/not-a-prequel to his Alien movie, has a bundle of interesting ideas. Watching it, I was reminded of the Outer Limits series from a few years back (not the Outer Limits series from a few decades back). For those who do not remember it, the series was a science fiction anthology that frequently tackled subjects like artificial intelligence and alien contact.

I’m also reminded of Ian Holmes’ character from Alien.

I know the movie will not have the tone of this video, considering the video is meant to be a commercial from within the world of the movie.

I’m curious what everyone else thinks about the video. And I’m curious what everyone else thinks about the movie. Will you be going to see it? Does this video make you more or less likely to see it?

Is it just me, or does it look like he was painting a Doctor Who figurine? Probably just me.

You can see a list of other movies we are interested in seeing this summer here.

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6 responses to “VIDEO: “Happy Birthday David”, Prometheus Promo”

  1. RC Avatar

    It’s very interesting. You can see the intentional veneer they are trying to replicate where ethical issues are polished (as in today’s society), spin as we call it.

    I have enjoyed the other films, but every time I see a movie approach the “origins of the universe” it always ends up being very preachy… funny enough.

    Typically, writers/directors set up dominoes so that they can be knocked down in the name of Atheism. We’ve seen it often in recent years. With his history of Kingdom of Heaven, I really don’t expect much more from this film. Will I see it? Likely. Will I be disappointed? I expect to be. But, never say never and always is never an absolute.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Agreed, re: dominoes.

      I’m curious enough to see where the movie goes . . . I wonder how it will stand up to/with Alien.

  2. RC Avatar

    I don’t know. I fear that it may be on a mission rather than telling a story. The premise is exciting though. I was always fascinated by the space jockey.

  3. Ben Avatar

    I also found the space jockey fascinating, and that’s my main concern — there’s no way the actual explanation can live up to the mystery.

    Well, I shouldn’t say there’s NO way. But it will be quite difficult.

  4. John Avatar

    My first exposure to the Alien franchise was seeing the edited-for-TV version of Aliens as a young teen. I was of course gonzo for all things SF back then, and seeing this as well as playing an old C-64 game based on the original Alien movie made me want to see that. I bought it on VHS not too long after I turned 17. That was also the same year that Alien3 came out, and that turned out to be the very first “R” rated movie I ever went to see in a theater.

    But the third movie fell flat for me, and I haven’t really touched the series since outside of rewatching the first two films. Never saw Alien3 a second time; never saw any of the other sequels or the AVP movies. I hadn’t really paid much attention to any of the marketing and hype for Prometheus before watching this video, mainly because of my opinion that the franchise was exhausted years ago.

    This one changed my mind. I generally like stuff by Ridley Scott, even some stuff that others consider “bad” (Legend, anyone?) I am officially pumped for this movie. My desktop backgrounds have been changed to pictures of the titular spaceship. If I can, I will be seeing it opening weekend.

    So thanks for the link!

    1. Ben Avatar

      I remember borrowing that Alien tape from you, John. And the Alien novelization, too, I believe.

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