Ben, his family, Evan, and Brennan take a road trip to see Star Wars The Last Jedi!

Who liked it? Who didn’t? Was it just a retread of The Empire Strikes Back? Was it something special?

As usual, the episode is divided into three parts:

  1. Spoiler free discussion on the way to the theater
  2. Spoiler free discussion of the movie after watching the film
  3. Spoiler filled discussion as we drive home

There were surprises and revelations both about the movie .  . . and about ourselves . . .







One response to “STAR WARS THE LAST JEDI Road Trip – SA257”

  1. Oliver (in Winnipeg) Avatar
    Oliver (in Winnipeg)

    Hey guys. I just want to start out by saying, normally, I disagree with pretty much everything Evan says (DC over Marvel, the life-changing Polar Express experience, liking episodes 1,2 and 3, etc…). And then I listen to the episode where you (Evan) totally dismantle The Last Jedi,… and you completely redeem yourself!
    I wanted so badly to like, no, love this movie. After Rogue 1, I believed in their ability to balance real Star Wars nostalgia, with acceptable story telling and any level of consistency.
    This movie feels like the writer hated everything that was set up in The Force Awakens.
    – Captain Phasma was supposed to be awesome, and was underwhelmingly killed. Wasted character.
    – Snoke was worthy of the super-intimidating powerhouse mastermind villain, but is turned into a pail California Raisin who has a life-ending brain fart. Wasted character.
    – I loved the Kylo Ren mask. Wasted.
    And then there’s…
    – The PETA sponsored “Now it’s worth it” horse-cat rescue scene that was painful to watch. I could have cared about Broom-Boy, but for some reason, I don’t.
    – What started out as one of the coolest displays of the power of a legendary Jedi, a greater display than Darth blocking Han’s blaster and Kylo holding a blast in mid air, Luke survives a massive barrage showing the epic God-like power of the Force. But no…. Just a completely underwhelming hologram. Infuriating.
    Never mind that it seemed like the same rule applied for ethnicity as it did manifestations of the Force: no repeats.
    Like I sad, I tried to love it. I wanted to love it, but I will probably watch the next one streaming online while I fold laundry in my basement. Evan, I’m totally with you on this. And because of this, I’m with you on everything.
    Appreciate you my brothers.

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