Angry Birds & Star Wars . . .

I have not paid for a full version of Angry Birds yet. I enjoy the free versions a lot, and my kids love the games, but the free levels are enough.

But here? I think I’ll be purchasing this, day one, full version, and for the next little while afterward my wife will probably not be happy because my kids and I will be hunched over my iPad shooting lightsaber wielding birds at Imperial pigs . . .

Which brings us to this video, giving us a first look at the actual game play! This. Looks. Cool.

Take a look here at one of the most ridiculous media crossovers . . . and perhaps one of the best?

Whenever I see anything like this, I can’t help thinking about these commercials from the ’80’s . . .

And together, they taste great!

I hope they do, anyway, when I use my iTunes birthday gift card!

~ Ben





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