AUDIO: Rare Star Trek II Radio Documentary

Over at, a Star Trek news blog, they have posted an article about the unearthing of a rare recording made to promote Star Trek II. In includes interviews with Shatner, Nimoy, and Khan himself, Ricardo Montalban, and some recordings of Roddenberry speaking at a university (possibly because he was not involved in the making of this movie).

(You can read more about the recording and listen to it at trek by clicking here, or listen to it below.)

It’s an interesting listen. It starts with some promos for the radio stations and then gets into some of the background of the show. Particularly painful — gas was only $0.33 when Star Trek was on the air? Anyway, it’s full of interesting tidbits of information and observations from 1982, rather than from people looking back and remembering it thirty years later.

Thirty years? One of the themes of that movie is aging and feeling old . . . now the movie itself is making me feel old!

~ Ben





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