AVENGERS WEEK: Biggest Avengers Disappointment


The general public hasn’t seen the new film yet (unless you live overseas, which is a whole other issue), but before I ever step into the theatre I already have one major disappointment that distracts from my enjoyment of this film. I’m not even talking about the injustice that Jack Kirby and his family have endured, because we all know he’s been treated horribly and should reap the benefits of his enormous role in creating some of our favorite characters.

What I’m talking about is…

…that my favorite Avengers character isn’t even in the movie!!!

Vision should be in this film. If you know about Vision then you probably agree, but if you don’t then do some research here: VISION

They better get Vision into the next Avengers film or else: DR. JAYCE SMASH!!!






9 responses to “AVENGERS WEEK: Biggest Avengers Disappointment”

  1. Kenneth Avatar

    you spelled overseas incorrectly.

    1. Dr. Jayce Avatar

      Blast that spell chek!!! err wait!

  2. Ben Avatar

    Obviously I haven’t seen the movie yet (going to the midnight show… I know i said I wouldn’t, but it’s the only way it’s going to work this week!) but I really wish they would have managed to include more heroes. And Vision is the easiest one to include. No backstory is needed — just that SHIELD created an android.

  3. kathy Avatar

    Thanks for the help! Up until now…I thought me and three other moms dealing with school boards, politics, and mtv where the Avengers!!
    I have been guilty of not paying attention to my husband and kids hobby…Richard has collected comics before Avengers even came out.

  4. kathy Avatar

    Oh goody…spell checker fail to a prof. No less!!!!
    How about ” were” not where? Have a great weekend , Ben and Jayce!

  5. Doug Avatar

    Well, wasn’t the Vision the original Human Torch? Am I wrong on that? And his robotic body was shown at the World Fair in Captain America if I remember right.

  6. Ben Avatar

    Yes, the synthetic man was at the World Fair in the Captain America film. I had heard rumors about the Cap movie featuring a set of characters from The Invaders, but the brief shot of the synthetic man was as close as we got.

    Meanwhile, in comics, Human Torch was one of the first superhero characters for Timely in the 50’s. In the 70’s they revealed that Vision WAS Human Torch. In the 80’s or 90’s they revealed that he WASN’T Human Torch (West Coast Avengers, which was my introduction to both characters) and brought back the REAL original Human Torch as a separate character. And recently they revealed that both Vision AND that original Human Torch are BOTH the original Human Torch, but from a tiny split timeline. Or something.

  7. Ben Avatar

    Also, I have heard there is some fan speculation that we HAVE seen Vision in Avengers. We just don’t know it yet. Personally, I hope the fans are wrong, and that they go with a much simpler way of introducing him: they used Jarvis’ programming as a template and just, you know, built an android. No weird storytelling gymnastics needed. It can be one of the minor subplots in Iron Man III.

    When I think of Avengers, I think: Captain America, Hawkeye, Wasp, Hank Pym as Ant Man (or Giant Man), and MAYBE Hulk or Black Panther. But the only Avengers comics I had growing up were reprints of the really old Avengers comics. In fact, Dr. Jayce, ONE of those was a comic that seriously influenced my childhood story-love…it was a time travel tragedy about Cap going back to witness Bucky’s death…issue 56, the issue before the first appearance of Vision!

  8. Dr. Jayce Avatar

    Kathy, spell check is my best friend and my worst enemy!!!

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