Awesome Empire Strikes Back “making of” video!

EmpireThis video is pretty awesome. It’s a making of documentary from the 1980’s, and it took me back to when I would wait and hope for shows like this to come on TV.

Before VCRs, I had limited chances to see anything Star Wars related. I had Marvel comics, I had action figures, and I had TV specials that would take me behind the scenes to see how they did all those special effects (and to keep Star Wars in the public consciousness, too). I still remember the one that came out after Empire Strikes Back that had Mark Hamill co-hosting with R2-D2, showing not just how they did things for Star Wars, but also other classic movies (not this one).

This one has some interesting interviews with the people involved, and some weird mumbling by Harrison Ford. Ford’s mumbling aside, this is a great peak behind the curtain:






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  1. RC Avatar

    Wow, it just takes me back. You can’t beat nostalgia.

    At the time I didn’t realize there was going to be a third movie, and I was utterly shocked when the encounter between Luke and Vader didn’t turn out in victory for Luke. It was the first time I had been left with defeat, but also hope in a movie.

    And I for one didn’t see the father twist coming and honestly thought Vader was lying.

    Ah, the mind of a child. 🙂

    Empire Strikes is probably my #1 movie of all time. I’m not sure when I’ll start the boys on Star Wars. Probably 3-4 or so. Not sure the order I will show them in. I’ve heard some very interesting opinions.

    Back to the topic at hand, my mother would look for any Star Wars related programs that would show up in the TV guide. Every interview was an event.

    Good times.

    1. Ben Avatar

      I, too, believed Darth Vader was a lying liar who lied. I had an argument with my cousin about it, and felt totally like I won the argument because his whole thing was that Darth Vader said it. And my argument was that Darth Vader was evil and would say anything.

      I’m curious if the vintage “making of” shows are on the Blu-Ray. Thats the sole reason I would want the Blu-Ray.

  2. RC Avatar

    Regarding how firmly we believed he was lying, I also think there is something to be said about how well the story was put together. It really was pretty ground-breaking at the time.

    These days it seems as if every movie has “No, I am your father.” type plot twists. At the time, it really wasn’t the case. Heck, for that matter I can’t really think of another set of serious sequels that predated it. While there were plenty of “The Return of…” and “The Son of…” they weren’t really story sequels, rather purely business minded ventures to capitalize on success. Yes Star Wars was as well, but the level of story was much different (of any that I am aware of).

    I think it changed the expectation of sequels to some degree. At least it was the first sequel I can recall critics taking even partly seriously.

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