Hidden Gems of Sci-Fi Television — SA114

apesDr. Jayce, Steve, and Ben offer some of their favorite “hidden” gems of sci-fi television, getting into some weird old stuff and some obscure new stuff, many of them on Netflix or in the cheap racks at stores.

Steve reveals his “cartoon crush”!

Will Dr. Jayce get Ben to add all of Dr. Jayce’s recommendations to Ben’s Netflix queue?

And what is the elusive, unknown TV show that Ben has been seeking for over two decades?

Do you have a favorite sci-fi show that people may not have discovered? Let us know! Contact us here!

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4 responses to “Hidden Gems of Sci-Fi Television — SA114”

  1. William Avatar

    I have been watching Airwolf, the A-Team, and Knight Rider again. These were every week must watch shows for me growing up. All three played into Sci-Fi in one way or another, and I think they were part of what lead me to pursue the genre even to this day.

    Ben probably likes the aquaman episodes of the A-Team!

  2. Andrew Musser Avatar
    Andrew Musser

    Glad to see Journeyman and Life on Mars get a mention. I enjoyed what there was of both series.

    I was prepared to add Earth: Final Conflict as I remember it as being fresh and exciting, but looking over summaries of it now it looks like it fell apart in later seasons. Perhaps I missed later seasons, because I remember it being better than that.

    And I’ve got a pick that’s about as hidden as a show can get, because as far as I know the pilot movie aired once and dropped of the face of the earth. White Dwarf was a 1995 production from Francis Ford Coppola, and dealt with a doctor whose internship takes him to a backwater planet whose halves are divided into permanent day and night sections, and finds him getting caught up in a war between factions from both sides of the planet. It had some interesting Western elements like Firefly; unfortunately also like Firefly it aired on Fox so of course it was doomed from the start. I’d love to see it again sometime; it’s been almost 20 years since I’ve watched it and I’m really wondering if it holds up as well as I remember.

    Ben’s unknown series has resisted my best Google-fu efforts so far; it’s been especially annoying in that I have vague memories of the series and feel the title should be on the tip of my tongue but can’t quite pull it up.

  3. dmattingly Avatar

    I also liked Life on Mars, and I thought the ending was fairly fun, given that they knew they had to end.

    A couple of shows that didn’t get mentioned:
    * Nowhere Man, a man’s identity is erased, and someone else is living his life
    * Century City, lawyers in the future deal with sci-fi cases

  4. dmattingly Avatar

    Oh, and also The Middleman.

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