A Celebration of C.S. Lewis — Ep. 101

lewisIn this episode, the strangers and aliens have a laid back conversation about C.S. Lewis and what him and his writings mean to them. They answer some fun questions that allow them to reflect on special moments from the works of C.S. Lewis and special moments in their lives brought on by the works of C.S. Lewis.



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3 responses to “A Celebration of C.S. Lewis — Ep. 101”

  1. RC Avatar

    Great episode! I enjoyed it greatly. I have no clue as to what character I think I’m like. As far as who I’d like to be, yes of course Aslan is what we aim for, but as a servant, I’d like to be someone like Digory, who fosters others, pushes away doubt and does not waiver, despite the years.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Digory is a fantastic character, and I love that when you read the books in the published order, you get the surprise at the end of Magician’s Nephew about who he becomes and where things come from that you already know and love!

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