CHRISTMAS GRAB BAG OF FUN! (All the S&A Christmas Episodes!)

a-christmas-carol-patrick-stewart-dvd-cover-artChristmas has been a pretty big topic for Strangers and Aliens! Here’s a look back at all our Christmas episodes, from the beginning to today!

First Christmas Episode — Episode 3! The Best (and Worst) Christmas Stories

Ben’s family joins him for — Episode 40: The Science (Fiction) of Christmas Fantasy

Ben, Steve, and Dr. Jayce talk about their favorite Christmas movies and Tim Baron drops in for a bonus interview about the Krampus graphic novel — Episode 105: Christmas Movies: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

And then there was a presentation of the old Campbell’s Playhouse old time radio adaptation of A Christmas Carol — Episode 106: A Christmas Carol by Campbell’s Playhouse

Steve did an old time radio drama of his OWN the year after — Episode 144: The Santa Who Wasn’t There

And this year we looked at very special Christmas episodes of TV, movies, and comics — Episode 167: A Very Special Christmas Episode









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