The Crossover Event!


Here are links to the podcasts and the podcast episodes that are part of the Christian Geek Crossover Event!


Geekually Yoked — Hosted by a wife and husband team, their podcast covers a broad spectrum of geek-related topics.

The Sci-Phi Show — Focuses on philosophical concepts as brought to life by sci-fi and fantasy examples.

Untold Podcast — Sci-fi and fantasy stories, every month.

The Sci-Fi Christian — Long running podcast that focuses on both timeless topics and timely news.

Reel World Theology — Covers movies and television from a Christian perspective.

The Storymen — Hosted by three writers/pastors/teachers, features topic discussions and interviews.

Geek This! Podcast — Covers pop culture and things of geek interest.

Voices in My Head

Are You Just Watching? — Reviews movies and other media from a Christian worldview.

Strangers and Aliens — Deals with speculative fiction and Christianity.



Issue 0: Introduction to the CrossoverStrangers and Aliens (feat. Matt Anderson from The Sci-Fi Christian) or The Sci-Fi Christian (feat. Ben Avery from Strangers and Aliens)

Issue 1: Voices in My Head Podcast (feat. J.R. Forasteros from The Storymen)

Issue 2: Strangers and Aliens (feat. Eve Franklin from Are You Just Watching?) — topic: anticipated movies of 2014

Issue 3: Reel World Theology (feat. Jason Rennie from The Sci-Phi Show) — topic: Saving Mr. Banks

Issue 4: Geekually Yoked (feat. Matt Anderson from The Sci-Fi Christian) — topic: top five fandoms

Issue 5: The Sci-Fi Christian (feat. David Hunt and David Clements from Geek This! Podcast) — topic: The Superior Spider-Man

Issue 6: Strangers and Aliens (feat. Mikey Fissel from Reel World Theology) — topic: Dystopian Fiction

Issue 7: Geek This! Podcast (feat. Steve MacDonald from Strangers and Aliens) — topic: the Batman serials from the 40s

Issue 8: The Sci-Fi Christian (feat. Clay Morgan from The Storymen) — topic: What Haunts Us?


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