ELYSIUM (Summer Movie Series) — Episode 84

ElysiumBen is joined by fellow podcasters Matt Anderson and Daniel Butcher from The Sci-Fi Christian and Welcome to Level Seven to take on Elysium!

It’s a lively discussion, from three very different responses to the movie.

So, does Elysium earn its place among the giants of thoughtful sci-fi? Or is it just some sort of mess?

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One response to “ELYSIUM (Summer Movie Series) — Episode 84”

  1. Michael Poteet Avatar

    I really wanted to like ELYSIUM more than I did. It had the potential to be deep and meaty, with some in-depth, maybe even prophetic, discussion of issues of inequality, our responsibility for each other on this planet, and so on (especially given what the director and writer had done in DISTRICT 9); and, for the first half or so, it looked like maybe it would go in that direction. But the last half was a predictable shoot ’em up, and, as a friend with whom I saw the film said, “Once you introduce magic, it’s hard to take it seriously.” (And the resolution is basically just magic ex machina!) Also, I thought the characters were paper thin, especially Jodie Foster’s. Too bad. It could’ve been so much more.

    At every turn, your discussion reminded me why I had mostly forgotten about this movie (if that makes sense). But I enjoyed the podcast! And I am especially thankful for Ben’s question, “Could you, as a Christian, live in Elysium?” because, let’s face it – in many ways, we already do. It’s a question to wrestle with (as Matt indicates, and I appreciate him sharing his thinking on it).

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