Ep. 55 — “Wrath” (Part Three of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS Series)

WrathThis is the third part of a periodic series we are doing about the Seven Deadly Sins, and this time it’s . . . WRATH!!!

In this episode: Muppet! Bad Shatner impressions! The Bozo Show! Comic book characters! Trek! Wars! Justice, vengeance, grace, love, righteous indignation . . . and the guys figure out in real time, before your very eyes . . . or ears what the opposite virtue might be!

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(Seven Deadly Sins artwork by Tim Baron – http://www.timbaron.blogspot.com)



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3 responses to “Ep. 55 — “Wrath” (Part Three of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS Series)”

  1. Syrio Avatar

    I would humbly suggest that the opposite of wrath is not mercy, but forbearance.

  2. John Avatar

    I was screaming at my iPhone yelling “MERCY” when you first started talking aboutthe opposite of wrath.

    I’d include Wolverine and Sabertooth as examples of wrath.

  3. Mikel Withers Avatar

    Little late to the party, but: No Palpatine? The guy’s greed gets challenged and he shoots lightning bolts out of his fingers in wrath!
    As for opposite, how about Ender Wiggins? Rather than erasing his enemies he becomes their speaker/memory.

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