Ep. 63 — Lots o’ Listener Feedback (and a Special Guest)

Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_Image-15In this episode, we talk a bit about the recent Star Wars schedule announcement, some listeners take a look back some of their childhood favorites and look at if they hold up or not (as we did in episode 62), a listener confronts us about some details from our crossover with The Sci-Fi Christian (part one of that conversation can be found here and part two of that conversation can be found here), AND we have a special guest!

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2 responses to “Ep. 63 — Lots o’ Listener Feedback (and a Special Guest)”

  1. Michael Poteet Avatar

    Fun episode, guys, but are you sure that Motti (the guy Vader force chokes in Ep IV) actually reappears in Ep V to be killed by him? I don’t think you’re right on that but I freely admit this is a minor nitpick. (Still, I’m apparently not relaxed enough to let it pass without comment!)

    Would LOVE to hear an episode about Max Headroom! That was the first sci-fi property other than TREK or WARS that I considered myself a fan of. I was so bummed it lasted so briefly, but I’m getting ready to rewatch it on the recent DVD release. Would enjoy hearing some spirited conversation about it.

    Would also enjoy your Joseph Campbell episode… My understanding is that he was pretty selective in his readings of mythology, in the quest of his great “monomyth.” Still, I was a big fan of the book with Moyers back in the 90s, and thinking about it in conversation with my own Christian faith was a fairly important step in my faith development.

  2. cleireac Avatar

    Michael, you should check out a series of posts I wrote on the 25th anniversary of the Max Headroom series http://geekklesia.blogspot.com/search/label/Max%20Headroom

    I even managed to score an unproduced script from writer Michael Cassutt!

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