Ep. 65 — IRON MAN THREE (Summer Movie Series)

IronManDr. Jayce, Ben, and Steve start off the summer movie season with the first in their Summer Movie Series: Iron Man Three!!!

Who liked it? Who didn’t? Find out here!



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2 responses to “Ep. 65 — IRON MAN THREE (Summer Movie Series)”

  1. Don Ensign Avatar
    Don Ensign

    I saw the Iron Man III movie last night. It is
    definitely better that Iron Man II. I’d give it
    a B grade.

    Things I liked: The humor–enjoyed the snappy
    dialog which helped make the over the
    top action become enjoyed too tedious. Downey
    has some good lines. The
    banner/relationship between Tony Stark
    and the boy was excellent. Shows a potential
    fatherly side to Stark, he is not just a egocentric
    playboy. This brings up the matter that Ben
    raised that we see a growth, a maturing of the
    Tony Stark character. He is taking on
    responsibility for those around him like
    Pepper (he indicates not just being
    protective but also being faithful to her).
    A private wedding scene would have been nice.
    The ending was very rushed but worked. However I
    don’t believe for a minute that Tony will never
    put on his Iron Man armor again. Enjoyed the
    therapy session after the credits ended.

    Things I didn’t like: The comic book Mandarin
    was a villain with a long history and a worthy
    opponent to Iron Man. Was disappointed that
    his movie incarnation was just a foil for some
    rather nondescript sociopath (albeit super-powered)
    from AIM. Like Steve I was disappointed that
    the Ben Laden element of the Mandarin was
    jettisoned for the more politically correct
    AIM flunkies. It seems as if every super hero movie
    has to have a giant extravaganza ending battle scene.
    I suppose that’s for the video game junkies. The
    problem is that after you’ve seen three or four of them
    they tend to look basically the same. The supposed
    excitement can become boring. The individual
    combat between Iron Man (Stark) and the
    AIM leader was better that the mass conflagration
    slug/blaster fests. I also thought it was a bit odd
    that Stark and his friend went up against the
    AIM people armed only with handguns. Stan
    Lee had to have had the shortest cameo as a
    beauty contest judge.

    Thanks for keeping the episode short.
    Good job, guys.

  2. Andrew Musser Avatar
    Andrew Musser

    Just saw it today, and I’d give it a B as well, mostly because of Robert Downey Jr’s performance. Though I thought it felt a little flat otherwise. I’m not that knowledgeable about the comic books, but the bit I knew about the comic version of the Mandarin made the movie version seem a lot less interesting by comparison. And perhaps I was spoiled by The Avengers, but I wanted more all out Iron Man action, and maybe even another team up with War Machine/Iron Patriot. It seemed like every time Tony hopped into a suit it got torn up right away.

    Though I agree it is nice to see Tony maturing throughout these films. I’m hoping they’ve developed the character to the point now where they can move away from focusing on his personal problems, and focus on fighting outside threats rather than his internal ones.

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