Ep. 73 — Secret Identities!

Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_Image-20We’re back! And our topic: superhero secret identities! Are they necessary? Are they moral? Are they realistic? What’s our favorites? Plus LOTS of reader response!

This is a “lost” episode. It was recorded before Ben left to work at a camp for families affected by disabilities and then lost on his hard drive. But, it once was lost and now it is found! Our next new episode is about Man of Steel and we’d love to hear from you about it!

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2 responses to “Ep. 73 — Secret Identities!”

  1. rcbrooks1138 Avatar

    Cool episode! I’m still busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest, so my reply will be a bit abbreviated.

    Reasons for secret identities I think was well covered. I’d like to add one. Many laws here in America work more for greed than justice. We’ve all seen/know companies/people that can cause great harm simply by moneying them (through legal costs) into submission. Couple that with gag orders and other issues that the morally bankrupt can roll into criminal charges and it’s VERY easy.

    Regarding Marvel’s Civil War.

    In the Civil War, I side with Captain America. Confirmation of Identity wouldn’t apply to villains (why would a criminal register to commit crimes?), wouldn’t prevent any abuses, other than potential retribution to “heroes.” In universe, are legislators seeking more to impede super villains or impede super heroes? The ONLY function in Civil War, would be to pursue people trying to help others (heroes) so they could be reached for litigation.

    How much good in our world is intentionally stymied by others with greed or agendas?

    Now, on the morality, I agree with most that intent is the key. While we’ve all heard that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”, I understand what is said but refute the concept as presented.

    Is lying, even for a good reason, wrong? Yes. We can see the effect of years of undercover work. Even among average citizens, it’s robbed law enforcement of surity of word. See now we KNOW they can lie. Yes, technically we all know that, but the society as a whole accepting and attributing deception as part of the makeup of our law enforcement body has had many effects… which can be read elsewhere. Ultimately the police have lowered themselves in regards to standards or the perception of standards. Good or bad, it is the truth. In reality, there is always corruption. It’s the open embracing of such policies that damage credibility… anyhow to discuss it further would be off topic really.

    BUT, the question is, is it worth it? In the case of the Holocaust during Nazi reign, I think lying to preserve life was the right thing to do. Is rooting out drug dealers through lies and deceit the right thing to do? In most cases I would think yes.

    However, personally I can just say “yes it’s fine.” To me, even when presented with those “little white lies” (someone asking if they’re attractive or normal or if you liked something they got or other such questions) I could see when lying would be the choice made. However, I wouldn’t consider the lie “excused” but rather I’d own the decision and admit the lie to God and ask forgiveness and counting on God’s wisdom to understand the situation. I would feel very conflicted to say the lie was ok. It may prove that being truthful would have been more helpful, but if your intentions truly were benevolent I would have to rely on Christ’s sacrifice to pay for my mistakes.

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