Ep. 74 — MAN OF STEEL (Summer Movie Series)

ManofSteelIn this episode, the Strangers and Aliens tackle the Man of Steel!

What did they think of it? Find out in this episode, which is divided into two sections: a spoiler free section (the first hour) and a spoiler filled section (the final minutes).

What do they think of the controversy of the “pastor promotion”? How does this movie remind Ben of The Matrix? Is this  good Superman movie? Is it a good movie?

Some links about the controversy we touched on re: the “pastor promotion”:

The Man of Steel resources:


Craig Detweiler responds to why he wrote these materials:





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2 responses to “Ep. 74 — MAN OF STEEL (Summer Movie Series)”

  1. rcbrooks1138 Avatar

    Interesting episode!

    I’m finally back! I’ve been so busy haven’t had time for anything. I haven’t watched Man of Steel, but I’m not going to be able to till it’s out on DVD. It makes me very curious. I’ve heard so much already, I don’t know what to think. At least if nothing else, it is something different.

    From what you’ve said, I think that a second movie could make the first movie much better. Time will tell.

  2. rcbrooks1138 Avatar

    It is a shame to hear it’s not meant for children. There’s a lot more I could say on that, but I won’t ahahaha. Take care guys,


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