Ep. 77 — THE LONE RANGER (Summer Movie Series)

the-lone-rangerIt’s the Strangers and Aliens review of The Lone Ranger!

Unfortunately, of the three hosts, Ben seems to be the lone VIEWER of the movie.

Fortunately, Ben remembered that one of our listeners, Hank Harwell, is a fan of westerns. And he remembered that Hank was a blogger who looks at pop culture from a Christian perspective.

So, in this episode of Strangers and Aliens, Ben is joined by special guest Hank Harwell, of the Geekklesia blog!

What did they think of The Lone Ranger? Find out here!

You can find Hank here:

Geekklesia (blog)

Geekklesia (Facebook)




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3 responses to “Ep. 77 — THE LONE RANGER (Summer Movie Series)”

  1. David Joseph Stout Avatar

    Colleen and I loved the movie!

  2. RC Avatar

    I’ve wanted to watch this. I am a big Lone Ranger fan. I’ll reserve judgement till I can see it for myself. Sad to hear this has fallen flat.

  3. cleireac Avatar

    As I said elsewhere, thanks for the privilege – I had fun and hope to do it again sometime!

    Also, I’m grateful I didn’t sound like a total dork.

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