Episode 32 — “Disney’s Star Wars Initial Reaction”

Ben and Steve react to the news about Disney aquiring Lucasfilm and the promise of a new Star Wars movie in 2015.

They talk about what they would like to see happen, what they hope does NOT happen, and Ben makes the prediction of the actual release date for the movie (not a difficult prediction to make).

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11 responses to “Episode 32 — “Disney’s Star Wars Initial Reaction””

  1. Ryan Avatar

    maybe i’m being stupid, but i don’t see any kind of link to play the podcast.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Fixed! Sorry about that!

  2. Mike Poteet Avatar
    Mike Poteet

    The implication is that Palpatine created Anakin, but it is not explicitly stated onscreen. I think the actor decided the answer was “yes,” but that was only for his own backstory playing the character – I don’t think it is “canon.”

    My initial reaction to Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm was shock, but, upon reflection, I find it too hard to get too worked up about it either way. I agree it would be fun to have live-action, basically family-friendly Star Wars on the big screen to take my kids to see; and, as “Star Trek” was saved from being stifled by its creator when Roddenberry died, now “Star Wars” can be saved from stagnation at Lucas’ own hands (although “Clone Wars” has done a lot to keep it fresh).

    Any going back to prophecies, midichlorians, etc., would be a major mistake. Time to move forward, not backward.

    1. Ben Avatar

      “Time to move forward, not backward.” Agreed!

  3. RC Avatar

    I was just stunned. I know something was going to happen when he appointed Kathleen Kennedy to the helm, but I didn’t expect this.

    While a new film always is exciting, Disney’s design by committee approach to creativity has me a little worried. Too many focus groups have not only misled them but made for some diluted movies. Wasn’t that how they decided to name the movie for Princess of Mars, John Carter… A title so descriptive that no one knew what the heck it was about.

    However, they’ve done a decent job with Marvel. Sadly they’ve let Pixar go downhill and did much of the same for the Muppets and associated entities.

    I fear their desire to target any film to ALL audiences might make for some weak films. Nothing to do now but wait and see.

    I am kind of hopeful that they revive Willow and expand on the movie. They don’t own a distinctive fantasy IP do they?

  4. RC Avatar

    I also don’t think it’s healthy for so many titles to be under one roof. Tends to homogenize too much. At least that’s my opinion.

    1. Ben Avatar

      I’m not too worried about that. There will be some crossover with creatives, I’m sure, but for the most part I’m betting that it will be treated as Marvel and Pixar have been — as their own thing, with their own staff. I could be wrong about this, of course. But my guess is, as long as they produce things that make MONEY, Lucasfilm will be it’s own little section of things.

  5. zack mandell Avatar

    I am not sure what to think of Disney purchasing Star Wars. They have done well in the past with movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and National Treasure. However, they seem to be lacking in the science fiction department. It is exciting to think that there will be a new Star Wars film, I just don’t know if Disney has what it takes to make a film as epic as Star Wars needs to be.

    1. Ben Avatar

      I liked Tron Legacy and John Carter, but I’m not in the majority. The key will be, i guess, that they actually hire the right people to do it!

      Imagine if they got screenwriters and directors who actually were able to make movies as fun and as epic and as engaging as the original trilogy! Imagine, even, if they were able to surpass the originals!

      What would fans do — new and old — if Disney created Star Wars movies were better than the two trilogies we already have? Yes, it takes some imagining for fans of the original trilogy especially . . . but just imagine that!

  6. zack mandell Avatar

    Tron was good, but it was a little slow passed and wasn’t that epic. If Disney is going to succeed is the Star Wars industry they need to step it up a bit.

  7. RC Avatar

    Pixar hasn’t really done well under Disney’s guiding hand. Not terrible, but it’s recent titles have been less than stellar. Muppets they have almost forgotten about all together.

    I enjoyed both Tron and John Carter, but John Carter is the perfect example of decision by committee. As the story goes, they decided to call it John Carter because “Mars” tests low with female audiences. So the end result was a movie title that told so little about the movie that many people didn’t see it.

    They spent a lot of money advertising it so I’ve read, but l I didn’t see one advertisement for it until I went to see Ep I in 3D. Instead of advertising where the most likely audience is, they seemed bent on trying to attract an audience that typically wouldn’t be interested.

    Kind of like how the romance plot was shoehorned into Thor. It made me cringe. That could be the writer’s fault in all fairness.

    Speaking of Pirates, the second and third installments of that franchise were so yawn worthy to me that I didn’t even see the most recent, though I’ve heard it was better.

    Hopefully they let Lucas Film fly under it’s own wind, but I’m sure one aspect they want to push is expanding the target audience, which almost always results in mediocre films.

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