SCI-FI/FANTASY FOR KIDS: The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd

I discovered The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd on, of all places, the radio. I heard a couple episodes on my local public radio station, as part of a one hour block of short comedy sketches. They’d play a Bob Newhart sketch and a Bill Cosby recording and some other things that came from who knows where.

Two weeks in a row, I managed to hear an episode, and then the comedy block thing got canceled or moved or whatever. I never found it again . . . until I happened across it in a search for sci-fi radio drams on iTunes.

As I listened to it, I realized I had heard it before, but I also realized it was pretty cool. It’s about a scientist, Dr. Floyd, who is chasing his archenemy, Dr. Steve, across time and space. Written in a tone reminiscent of Rocky and Bullwinkle, it’s a snappy and witty jaunt through history, and while it’s fun, you might even learn something!

The series ran weekly for a long while, and there are a large number of episodes. But, this is the one problem: they have stopped production. Fortunately, the series actually has an ending (a perfect ending, in my opinion — I love circular storytelling, and this time travel story has a perfectly appropriate circular story arc).

My whole family loves it. Well, my kids and I love it. My wife tolerates it. It’s just funny enough for her to not get annoyed.

Here’s the Dr. Floyd website: The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd

You can download all the episode in one chunk, or you can subscribe in iTunes, where they are releasing the episodes one at a time all over again. That’s how we’re doing it . . . but I just may lose patience and go ahead and download them all.

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  1. RC Avatar

    Pretty fun show. I have went through all but the 8th season. Why do I always find these things after they’ve concluded.

    But definitely worth a gander. I give it a B+… which is pretty darn good in my grading scale.

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