SHADOW and SUBSTANCE: Twilight Zone Episodes “Nick of Time” and “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” — Ep. 94

NickofTimeWith SHADOW and SUBSTANCE, we start a new subseries with a look back at the Twilight Zone, starting with the William Shatner classics “Nick of Time” and “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”!

The Twilight Zone is a giant of sci-fi and fantasy. Whether you are a long time fan of the series or just discovering it, this series is meant to be an exploration of the rich themes and classic twists of this series that shaped sci-fi for decades after it first hit airwaves.

Join us as we talk about William Shatner, Richard Matheson, and Richard Donnor(?), looking at questions of fate and sanity and what it could mean for those of us who are not just fans of sci-fi, but also followers of Christ!





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  1. Michael Poteet Avatar

    Hey guys! Great idea for an episode, and I really enjoyed your discussion. I especially enjoyed Steve’s idea for a sequel to “Nightmare”! Even though, as I said on FB, “Nick of Time” is still my favorite, your discussion made me appreciate “Nightmare” a lot more than I did before. Thanks for that!

    I discovered “The Twilight Zone” during the mid-80s, when my local PBS affiliate was showing Saturday night reruns – two episodes, back to back, every week. I also had a friend who was reading Marc Scott Zicree’s “Twilight Zone Companion” (which Ben mentioned). He kept raving about the show and the book so much, I had to start reading it myself. I pored over that thing, cover to cover, innumerable times. To this day, I know there are episodes I still haven’t seen, but I can tell you the “twist” and several bits of trivia because I read Zicree’s book so often!

    Can’t wait to hear you guys take on some more Twilight Zone!

    PS. I think you should name your comedy-musical podcast, “Strangers! Aliens!”

  2. RC Avatar

    You know, you say that Nightmare couldn’t be done today, but I say it could. Even with 200 people on a plane, even as the pictures went live, within the first 5 minutes there’d be half a dozen posts saying “Photoshop”, “Fake”, “BS”, etc… and then in another hour you’d have a half dozen “scientific” explanations that it really was just a reflection or pieces of metal… or straight out hoax. AND for anyone not there, there’s doubt to cover all other angles.

    I’m liking these classic sci-fi episodes (including OTR). Some good stuff!

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