Shatner’s Thanksgiving Warning . . .

I’ve never seen a more poetic depiction of a man and his turkey fryer . . .

Here’s a public service announcement about turkey fryer safety. There’s so much to love about this video.

“But I was young and arrogant . . .”

Score one for Kirk . . . you could never imagine Patrick Stewart doing this! (Hmmm, second thought, maybe score one for Picard?)

Seriously, though, there’s a companion video that goes with this one showing some firemen actually doing some of the things Shatner did in his video, and it’s pretty amazing how easily and quickly the fire can get out of hand . . . it’s pretty amazing (and scary – I still have a scar from last summer when I was frying fish).

~ Ben






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  1. Steve Avatar

    No dingle-dangles were harmed in the making of that video.

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