STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS teaser trailers . . .

Continuing the speculation started here . . .

So an “announcement teaser trailer” has been` for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS has been released. It is not a trailer . . . and it’s not teasing . . . it’s announcing the tease for the trailer?

Anyway, SPOILERS and SPECULATION lie ahead! Oh, and an extra “announcement teaser trailer” because apparently they added a few seconds in Japan.

And they are quite an addition!

Watching the trailer, I see some clues that cause me to think, even more, that this is Gary Mitchell we are looking at.

But, I also see clues that this is Khan. I really want to know what you guys think. (UPDATE: Added a poll below!)

First, you can watch the Japanese version of the trailer here:

Now, did you see this woman in the trailer?

Gary Mitchell and Dr. Dehner

I saw someone who certainly LOOKED like that woman.

I know there has been some speculation that the woman we saw in the trailer was actually Carol Marcus, and that could certainly still be true . . . but I’m going with Dehner. And it’s definitely not Marla McGivers:

The woman Khan wanted revenge for.

But, if you watched the Japanese trailer there was an interesting addition. The hands at the end.

This is a screen grab, NOT a Youtube video.

Which reminds Trek fans of . . .

Surprisingly touching for just a B-movie, as it has been called . . .

So, does this trailer reveal anything really? No, not really.

But it’s fun guessing!

Like the red plants on the planet . . . I bet that’s from the opening adventure, when they show that Enterprise is out there exploring! And the ship coming out of the water . . . is that the Botany Bay or is that Gary Mitchell raising it with his brain powers? And the ship going INTO the water . . . Enterprise or one of the fleet’s ships being destroyed as we learned from the synopsis of the movie?

What do you think?

UPDATE: The Sci-Fi Christian has also posted an analysis of the trailer, and Michael Poteet seems to think it is Khan we are seeing. Read their thoughts here.

Care to make a wager, Sci-Fi Christian (or Michael, anyway)? I am even MORE convinced it is Gary Mitchell. See below . . .

SAME UPDATE, DIFFERENT TOPIC (pure speculation, not spoiler, but if I’m right and you want to avoid what the movie is about): Here is why I believe this is Gary Mitchell: because Spock WILL DIE in this movie. Spock will die, or will be believed to be dead, and Gary Mitchell (or Dr. Dehner) will bring him back to life. That’s why Uhura is upset in the movie, that’s why Kirk is addressing the people in dress uniform. Spock will die, and Kirk will seek revenge, and by the end Spock will be alive again.

I’m not willing to make THIS a wager . . .

VOTE IN OUR POLL!!! Who do you think the villain is? If you vote “other” make sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

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16 responses to “STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS teaser trailers . . .”

  1. Mike Poteet Avatar
    Mike Poteet

    Upon reflection, I think you’re right, it’s probably Gary Mitchell; but I am not convinced Spock will be alive at the end. Note that (as pointed out), the ships at the beginning are flying overhead in missing man formation.

    Besides, they have to leave a plot for Star Trek “3.”

    1. Ben Avatar

      Do you think they would go so far as to kill Spock DEAD (as opposed to killing Spock ALIVE) in #2 and bringing him back in #3? There’s homage . . . and then there’s rip offs! 🙂

      1. Mike Ooteet Avatar
        Mike Ooteet

        Well, (a) I was speaking only for myself, not the SFC (you want another feud, take it up with Anderson and de Bono! ). And, (2), sure, why wouldn’t they? I think a good case could be made that, for the mass audience, “the” Star Trek story is Spock’s death and resurrection in ST II-III. And then the whales.

        1. Ben Avatar

          Except Star Trek III: The Search for Spock is a punch line to people who know about Trek, but don’t necessarily like or know Trek. With Wrath of Khan, you have something considered a classic by people outside fandom . . . With Search for Spock you have a general perception of a lower budget and lower quality. I can’t believe they would go there!

          As for the mini-feud . . . Anderson and de Bono aren’t exactly following through with the feud Anderson started. de Bono doesn’t even listen to the episodes he’s not in, so the feud was news to him!

          Still, I would have enjoyed a little wager . . . anyone out there still believe it’s Khan?

          1. Mike Poteet Avatar
            Mike Poteet

            I think they would make a different story than ST III. No Genesis Planet. They’d find a better way to bring him back. *That* I’d totally be up for, since the ST III plot makes precious little sense, even for a die-hard Trekkie like me.

    2. Ben Avatar

      And rats, I was hoping for a mini-feud . . .

  2. John Avatar

    Maybe it’s neither of them… maybe it’s Colonel Greene (also from the Eugenics Wars… see the original series episode “The Savage Curtain.”

    1. Ben Avatar

      THAT would be cool…

  3. Travis Avatar

    I’ve also heard it rumored that it could be Garth of Izar, it’d give us an old villain without any kind of backstory or continuity that could be messed up to the pre-Nero incursions.

    I don’t think that’s very likely, but another possibility.

    1. Ben Avatar

      The three contenders I’ve been seeing are Garth, Gary, and Khan. It would be cool if it was actually someone completely different. One of the space hippies? A brand new character would work nicely. I’ll be honest, there doesn’t have to be a history between Kirk & crew and the baddie — the “history” can be made on screen as we see actions and reactions build the story. The way I see it: if it’s a brand new character in this movie, Khan will appear in the next movie; if it is an old character from Trek history in this movie, my money is on Gary Mitchell and it will be a brand new antagonist in movie #3.

  4. Ben Avatar

    You know who else would be cool? Gary Seven! Think about it . . . Kirk and the gang never went back in time to get involved with Gary Seven. Wow . . . I just thought of this. If they never went back in time to get involved with Gary Seven, THAT changes ALL of earth’s history, even before Nero came back in time and killed Kirk’s father!

    1. Travis Avatar

      Would it really change all of Earth history?

      If I remember right, this was the course of events in a short summary.

      2 people end up with a fatal case of death.
      Gary Seven comes to find out what happened,then finish the job if needed.
      Beams aboard the Enterprise by mistake because of SCIENCE!!!
      Escapes Enterprise
      Goes back to Earth, whacky TOS hyjinks happen and then the orbital weapons program is stopped. Nukes are evil, kumbaya!
      Cat-woman shows up and then the end of the episode!

      If the Enterprise didn’t show up because of Nero’s shenanigans here’s how that chain of events would go…

      2 people end up with fatal case of death
      Gary Seven comes to find out what happened,then finish the job if needed.
      Stops evil nukes, kumbaya!
      Cat woman shows up,
      End of backdoor pilot!

      1. Ben Avatar

        I think it would give it just the nudge needed for WWIII not to happen in the ’90’s as Trek history has happening . . . and for Khan’s life to be altered.

        The point is, they never interfered with earth history, so Nero disrupted more of the timeline than just killing Kirk’s dad, turning l’il Kirk into a car thief, and causing star fleet to build starships in Iowa instead of in space with huge nacelles.

  5. William Avatar

    The point of the giant reset button in the first movie was to bring a whole new generation into Star Trek and erase all of the twisted up knots of bad writing over 40 years. I hope they avoid time travel in all of its horrible inconsistencies, including bringing up the characters that were affected by the Enterprise.

    I’m hoping for an all new villain to be disgusted with. While Gary Mitchell could be an interesting bad guy with his powers, unless Kirk takes him out to gain those powers there is really no story. Also he was such a minor character that none of the new fans (or many of the old ones) would catch the reference.

    This story looks to take place on Earth, as did much of the first movie in this series. I look for the threat to be less terrestrial, and more alien. I don’t think Gary or Khan really had a desire to destroy the Earth. Both of them had personal vendettas with Kirk. I look for this story to either create some animosity between Kirk and the next villain, or it will be someone who already hates Kirk for his actions in the first movie to be the bad guy.

    Also, where are the Klingons in this new series? They make great bad guys, and they are yet another group that has a vendetta with Kirk. He had a reputation with the Klingons. I’d like to see some of that story line come back.

    1. Ben Avatar

      The people getting pummeled by the baddy with the wreckage are Klingons!

      1. William Avatar

        Three cheers for Klingons back in Star Trek!!!

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