Star Wars Original Trilogy Family Review — S&A151

star-wars posterBen and his four oldest children have just finished watching the original trilogy of Star Wars, and now they have gathered together to discuss them!

Featuring his nine-, eleven-, and twelve-year-old daughter and his thirteen-year-old son!







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  1. RC Avatar

    Great Episode Avery family! Just in time for my birthday! I can’t wait for my boys to be old enough to watch and appreciate Star Wars. They’ve been eye balling the DVD cases pretty hard. I’m hoping to hold them off for another year. They’ll be 4, which may just be old enough.

    Tim isn’t it? You’re making me hurt. You like the Prequels because they’re newer? I’m aghast! While I am fond of the Phantom Menace and the others well enough, I can’t put them over the top of the originals. Ahahaha.

    Good show all.

  2. RC Avatar

    Regarding Vader’s redemption; I find no fault in it per se. It doesn’t change what he’s already done, but as far as freeing his soul from the dark side, obviously it is intended that it did.

    I have the opinion within Star Wars lore that Luke was actually the chosen one, bringing balance to the force. The Jedi eschewed “love” but it was actually Luke’s love for his father than truly brought balance to the force and let him overcome the dark side.

    I believe it was an interview with Lucas (but I could be wrong) where he mentioned that Luke faced the same challenges as Anakin, but where Anakin made the wrong choice, Luke made the right choice, purely because of love. Love for his friends and love for his father.

    Just a thought.

    1. rhoetus Avatar

      Have to disagree with you, RC… Vader/Anakin was the chosen one. Look at it this way: he kills massive amounts of Jedi (who, apparently, were the majority of force folk), and ends up killing the Emperor and himself in the process, leaving only Luke, not exactly a paragon of “lightside” virtue, and Leia who has no training… balance restored (by eradication)

  3. rhoetus Avatar

    Great episode. It is pretty obvious you are raising your kids the right way.

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