This episode SPOILS EVERYTHING! Listen AFTER you’ve seen it!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is here, and Ben, Ben’s son, Evan, and Evan’s wife jump into the mini-van to go see the new Star Wars movie. They are joined by Ben’s high school friend and a student from Evan’s small group.

This episode has conversation on the way, conversation in the theater before the movie started, some parking lot conversation after the movie, and commentary on the drive home!

It was a blast!







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  1. RC Avatar


    Well maybe, just don’t want anyone getting upset.

    I would think it’d be assumed, but I did leave a couple voice mails, but full of spoilers. Good movie, probably 5th in my lineup, after the original trilogy and ep1 but it is incomplete and not standalone as you noted, Ben. The next movie could either make this movie great or really poor.

    I am beginning to wonder if JJ Abrams feels that repeating previous movie themes is the best way to treat existing IPs. I was disappointed in Trek Into Darkness that they went through the trouble to make a different timeline, only to revisit a previous theme. I’m guessing it has more to do with studios wanting a guaranteed product of sorts. I hope Episode VIII doesn’t follow that model.

    I will also say that this movie to me felt more like a middle movie than a bookend. The only character even slightly introduced is Finn and even that is rushed. I actually like the bait and switch, but I am wondering if Finn is really going to become a secondary character. As I say in my voicemails, Finn is either force sensitive as well or JJ is pushing on the 4th wall for the sake of a bait and switch.


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