Superman vs. Batman: Who Is the World’s Finest? — Episode 82

SvBIt’s Superman vs. Batman . . . and Ben vs. Steve vs. Dr. Jayce!

Who will win? Will Steve spoil a thirty years old comic? Will Dr. Jayce settle a dispute between Ben and Steve about Superman’s early appearances?

Join the Strangers and Aliens crew as they explore the Batman and Superman characters and try to decide “who is the world’s finest?”







4 responses to “Superman vs. Batman: Who Is the World’s Finest? — Episode 82”

  1. Michael Poteet Avatar

    Fun discussion, guys, although I side with Steve on the spoiler debate. Ben’s prohibition against discussing TDKR *is* senseless, especially in the context of this particular discussion, is like having a podcast on “Great Jazz Age Fiction” and then forbidding discussion of “The Great Gatsby” because some folks haven’t read the book but want to see the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie!

    I am so sick of hearing that Superman is less interesting than Batman. I think you are closer to the mark, Ben, when you say (and you did) he is more of a writing challenge. But there is nothing boring about themes of alienation, loss, exercising power responsibly, striving to maintain high ideals in a fallen world… Dr. Jayce is also correct in pointing out that the whole issue goes away if you de-power Superman some to a more “reasonable” level. Nowhere is it written he must always and forever be nigh omnipotent.

    Whatever Superman does in that first animated short, the studio eventually asked National Comics if he could be allowed to fly, because it was easier to animate. The comics said yes, and soon he was flying on the printed page as well as on the screen. (Read Glen Weldon’s outstanding new book on Superman for this and lots of other fun facts!)

    My son and I both just enjoyed reading “Speeding Bullets,” an Elseworld book that has Kal-El landing in Gotham and being found by the Waynes. Very interesting premise, and executed fairly well.

  2. Wes Avatar

    Although this comment is irrelevant to this post, I couldn’t help but leave a big “thumbs up” for your Star Wars VII countdown widget! Too cool.

  3. Allan Reini Avatar

    Re: The original Superman Theatrical shorts:
    “That’s not flying. That’s falling, with style.”-Woody 1995

  4. Andrew Musser Avatar
    Andrew Musser

    Entertaining and informative as usual, guys. Many of your episodes introduce me to some interesting bit of sci-fi I’m not familiar with. This week: Astro City. Sounds like a really intriguing concept, and I’ll be checking it out.

    Regarding Earl Grey tea, the folks behind the Star Trek license, never ones to miss a marketing opportunity, have actually licensed a “Federation Issue Earl Grey Tea”.

    I also tried Earl Grey because of Picard’s preference for it, but never developed a taste for it and though feeling like I had failed some kind of geek test reluctantly went back to my chamomile blend.

    Nice to see the Batman: The Brave and the Bold get a mention. I got the impression I was one of the few who liked it. It’s nowhere near the level of Batman: The Animated Series but I found it to be a lot of fun, somewhat surprising as I generally don’t like the campier incarnations of Batman.

    Oh, and to clear up the understandable confusion about pronouncing my last name, “Musser” rhymes with “fusser” or “cusser”. (Er, not that I want to be either of those things.)

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