The Force Awakens Revisited – SA171

StarWarsWe return to Star Wars episode 7 for a longer, more focused discussion of the movie! What did they love? What did they hate?

Also, Ben and Steve welcome Evan officially into the fold as the fourth “strange alien”!



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3 responses to “The Force Awakens Revisited – SA171”

  1. Dave Clements Avatar

    Great discussion, guys! Welcome – officially – to the fold, Evan!
    Also, I must mention that my heart skipped a beat when Ben mentioned the 2016 plan of “Bad Movies for Evan”. I thought it was going to be “Bad Movie Reviews”. That would be sad. I would hate to have to sue my favorite podcast over copyright infringement. 😉

    1. Ben Avatar

      We may need to invite you over for a bad movie night…

  2. jeff Avatar

    Bad Movie for Evan suggestion: Yor, the Hunter from the Future

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