The Spiritblade Underground Interview — Episode 81

cgc-lo12In light of the launch of Christian Geek Central — — we’re playing an interview Paeter Frandsen, the mastermind behind CGC, did with Ben on the Spiritblade Underground podcast.

You can also listen to the unofficial “part one” of their conversation, when Ben interviewed Paeter for the Strangers and Aliens podcast a while ago —

All of this to introduce our listeners to one of Strangers and Aliens’ biggest partners and cheerleaders, as we begin working more closely with Paeter and Christian Geek Central.






2 responses to “The Spiritblade Underground Interview — Episode 81”

  1. Andrew Musser Avatar
    Andrew Musser

    Very interesting. Though the mention of Retcon reminds me that the site has been defunct for awhile. Is it done for good, or on hiatus? I’d hate to see it go, I’ve been enjoying it a lot.

    1. Ben Avatar

      The site went dead after some WordPress difficulties. I’m actually going to be working on getting it up live this weekend.

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