THE SWORD IN THE STONE — Strange Christmas Movies Round Two (#29 of 48)

Three years ago, the 24 days leading up to Christmas, Strangers and Aliens presented 24 Christmas movies that aren’t Christmas movies, but really kind of are, for various reasons. And now, we’re doing it again! Here’s 24 more Christmas movies that are set around Christmas or use Christmas to set tone or set up a theme . . . but weren’t made to be Christmas movies . . .

#29 — The Sword in the Stone

swordWhat it’s supposed to be: The tale of young King Arthur, before the legend.

Why it’s a Christmas movie: In a pivotal scene, Kay’s squire becomes sick on Christmas and so young Arthur gets the job. A wonderful Christmas gift, because that leads Arthur to be at the tournament on New Year’s Day, taking place where the sword in the stone in. And when Kay needs a sword, Arthur runs to gets him one. A sword that he pulls from a stone. And so, he becomes king!

Thoughts: This is possibly one of my favorite Disney movies. Ever. I love the lessons Arthur leans. i love the battle of magic between Merlin and the witch. I love the setting. I have ever since I was a kid, and rematching it as an adult I still love it, perhaps because as a kid I identified with Arthur but knew he future, and now I’m IN my future and enjoy remembering the feeling this gave me as a kid.

Is It Naughty or Nice? Again, like with Princess Bride, this is a Christmas story that features a Christmas gift, albeit accidental. Young Arthur’s destiny begins when Merlin shows up, but it’s when he pulls the sword from the stone when he begins to understand his destiny. And that’s a nice gift.

Santa Ben’s Verdict: 



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