Episode 27 — “The Booth at the End”

The Booth at the End is a thought provoking, dramatic speculative fiction series on Hulu.com (available as part of their free service). Ben has reviewed the series, and on getting in contact with the series creator and writer, C.K. Kubasik, was able to take some time to have a conversation with him for Strangers and Aliens.

Ben’s review can be found here: The Booth at the End. It was part of series of three reviews of sci-fi programming that were made for digital viewing, not for TV. (The other two series were Electric City and H+.)

If you are a listener of certain OTHER podcasts that have to do with sci-fi/fantasy and Christianity (you know the type of podcast I am referring to: the kind that “brings you theology at warp speed” or whatever) you may have already heard an interview with Mr. Kubasik. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to that episode, recorded after season one of The Booth, you should. It’s a fantastic interview (in spite of the fact that it’s done by S&A’s nemesis podcast). Here’s a link: The Sci-Fi Christian interview with C.K. Kubasik

If you are not familiar with the show, here is a teaser trailer for season one:

And a season two trailer:

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