VIDEO: Tron: Uprising! (I added the exclamation point)

Tron is something I’d like us to tackle here at Strangers and Aliens sometime soon, even though the first movie is really old (by real time standards) and the second movie is really old (by American consciousness standards). Still, both Tron and Tron: Legacy were movie that I enjoyed, for different reasons at different times.

So I find myself interested in the possibilities of this upcoming animated series on the Disney XD channel. I do not have that channel, so I do not know if I will be able to actually SEE the series . . . but the trailer looks sharp.

I’ll admit, seeing “And Bruce Boxleitner as Tron” is what got me. For a movie called “Tron Legacy”, there wasn’t a lot of Tron in it. (Well, there WAS . . . sort of . . . considering . . . but that puts us in spoiler territory.)

I’ve seen rumors of a sequel to Tron: Legacy, and Bruce says he’s in it. A beautiful looking movie with incredible music AND an interesting, exciting story could elevate a “Tron trilogy” from interesting cinema history footnote (Tron) and popcorn music video (Tron: Legacy) to relevant sci-fi franchise.

What do you think? Does the Tron franchise have legs?

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2 responses to “VIDEO: Tron: Uprising! (I added the exclamation point)”

  1. Benjamin Curtis Avatar
    Benjamin Curtis

    I personally liked both Tron movies!The technology and action in the movies excites me. In Tron legacy I like how Sam hacks into the companies system( that is supposed to be safest system yet) and then jumps off the building and parachutes down. Also, I am jealous of his sweet Ducati. The rest of the movie is also good with its action and good graphics. The first tron I heard was suppose to be a breakthrough in graphics of its day as well.

    1. Ben Avatar

      Yes, the first Tron was a breakthrough, although it doesn’t stand the test of time for many people. But I agree, I enjoy both Tron movies.

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